DottieDracos' Shop Announcement

I am a full-time, self-employed artist: a painter. I do all my own work and have no employees. You buy directly from me, and I ship your purchases to you from my home studio.

********* PAINTINGS AND PRINTS**********


MY ORIGINAL PAINTINGS: NOTICE: Original Paintings are not going to be in my shop again until October 11. They will be relisted at that time.

I would call my style a heightened realistic but cheerfully colorful style. I paint mostly animals (dogs, cats, cows, other farm animals) but also other subjects (landscapes, birds, abstracts). I paint using either acrylic or oil paints (sometimes both in a single painting) usually on stretched canvases but sometimes on other, less traditional surfaces.

PRINTS OF MY PAINTINGS: I personally print my prints on very high quality luster/lustre photo paper, which is water resistant, fade resistant, non-glaring, and shows off the saturated colors of my paintings to their very best. The prints are sealed, unmatted and unframed, inside a crystal-clear pouch. I sign the back of each print.

To see my latest artwork, even before it goes up on Etsy, you can check out my blog:


CERAMICS: (Wild Wild Things!) FOR NOW AT LEAST, NO NEW CERAMIC PIECES ARE BEING MADE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. And it's safe to say that I may never make any more if my current work load continues. I have only the pieces currently listed on Etsy left. I possibly have one more red/blue (I think) small dog mask that, if I get around to photographing it, I can list. That's it.

From time to time, I make ceramic animal masks, mostly dogs, cats, and sometimes other animals. I also hand-build whatever strikes my fancy. I imagine and then build every piece by hand. After I have built the pieces, I allow them to dry, and then they are fired to nearly 2000 degrees F for the first time (the "bisque fire".) After the first firing, each piece is hand-painted by me, using many layers of underglazes, trailing glazes, and then I give each piece a final coat of clear glaze. Then I have to clean each piece very carefully of any stray clear glaze on the backs. And finally, I fire the pieces again ( the "glaze fire") and carefully, oh so carefully, open the kiln to see if everything went as planned (it most always does!) It's an exciting time, opening the kiln after the final firing. Kind of like opening birthday or holiday gifts! It's a lot of work but a lot of fun, too.

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