DragunnsKeep's Shop Announcement

Here be dragons! Well, maybe not right now, but will be in the future. For now I will be selling items for the Pagan community, such as beaded Goddess dolls, pendulums, witchy accesories for the fashionable witch, some altar glasswares and new items from time to time.

My crochet witch hats are available in several different colors, not just black. With them, I am honoring the memory of Bridget Bishop, the first person to be arrested and executed in the Salem Witch Trials. Bridget loved colorful materials and fancy clothes, and always requested local merchant dye materials for her in bright colors, unfortunately this was the main reason she was accused, that and being a true character.

Please bear with me as I move Pagan related items from my main etsy shop to this one! For now some items can also be viewed at
I also have Faerie bags and belts going in, for Renn Faire fun, as soon as my camera and my computer decide to start talking to each other again ;)