DrawingLines' Shop Announcement


welcome & please have fun browsing my selection of silkscreens, woodcuts, artist books, letterpress prints and photo prints!



Ready for some great news? When you purchase more than one print, you may be eligible to receive a discount on shipping! Of course, this only applies to items of the same size, as they can be shipped together.

To take advantage of this opportunity, send me an Etsy convo before sending payment and we can work out a discounted total price. If you've already sent payment, I will refund any surplus from shipping.


Recently saw an item in person (say, at a Book/Print Fair) and can't find it here?

Send me an Etsy convo and let me know what piece you're looking for!


For more me info, visit these:

flickr . com / photos / drawinglines
drawinglines . weebly . com