DustyDiggerLise's Shop Announcement

My shop carries vintage ads, books, postcards, maps, photos, art, ephemera packs -- all things old paper. Plus some non-paper treasures, too.

In my shop, you will find:

1. MAGAZINE ADS -- great for collectors, and these make fabulous wall art at modest prices. Here are just some of the collector brands I love to offer:

-- Car, Truck, and Tractor -- Ford, Pontiac, GM, VW, Willys, Jeep, Renault, Dodge, Chevrolet, DeSoto, Cadillac, Lincoln, Buick, MG, Studebaker, Rambler, Nash, Chrysler, Olds, Hudson, Kaiser, Metropolitan, IH, Allis Chalmers, New Idea, Oliver
-- Tobacco ads -- Marlboro, Camel, Tareyton, Chesterfield, Old Gold, LM, Waterford, Prince Albert, Winston, Salem, Viceroy
-- Liquor ads -- Old Crow, Walker's, Harwood, PM, Glenmore, Gordon, Smirnoff, IW Harper, Gilbey, Old Granddad, King, Old Taylor, Old Forester, Schenley, Mount Vernon, Four Roses, Jim Beam, Seagrams VO, Old Charter, Paul Jones
-- Beer ads -- Schlitz, Bud, Ballantine, Pearl, Miller, Falstaff, Blatz, Pabst
-- Soft drink ads -- Coke, Pepsi, 7Up, Sprite, Hires, Squirt, TEEM, TAB, Royal Crown.
-- Food ads -- Borden, Mars, Dole, Jello, Swans, Aunt Jemima, Stokely, Brachs, Pillsbury
-- Appliance ads -- GE, Norge, Frigidaire, Servel, Electrolux, Bendix, Admiral, Hotpoint
-- Fashion and sewing ads -- McCalls, Vogue, Maidenform, Singer
-- Make-up and Lotion ads -- Avon, Revlon, Maybelline, Ponds, Max Factor, Yardley.
-- Hair ads -- Toni, Breck
-- Soaps and detergents - Tide, Dreft, Ivory, Felso, Duz, Lux, Dial, Camay, Palmolive.
-- Camera, Radio, TV - Argus, Kodak, Polaroid, Arvin, Admiral, Emerson, Motorola, Sylvania, Graflex, Kryptar, Ansco, Revere
-- Office -- IBM, Royal, Parker, Bell, Smith Corona
PLUS...guns, railroad, petroliana, hotel, and many other topics.

2. MAGAZINE ART -- fiction art, article photos, calendar art, pulp and pinup topics.

3. BOOKS -- novels, biographies, classics, craft books, Little Goldens, cookbooks, etc.

4. PAPER PUNCH -- punched by hand from vintage sources --butterflies, hearts, circles, alphabet letters, etc. Use for table scatters, confetti, embellishments or art projects.

5. COLLAGE KITS-- packs of vintage cuttings for art projects, table decor, bulletin boards, decoupage, etc. I love making theme packs -- ocean, circus, animals, foods, you name it. Suggest a subject! I have many clippings not yet listed.

6. SWAP CARDS - a cool niche I've recently discovered. Swap cards can be regular vintage playing cards (single cards), the extra card found in decks with a blank back, or purpose-made trading cards published by various companies.

7. EVERYTHING ELSE - china dishes, board games, other things that catch my eye.

LASTLY-- I have another shop (still growing!) with a talented friend. See our JEWELRY and PAPER CRAFT ITEMS at the shop "SAVVY COFFER" (link below).

Have a great time shopping or just browsing, and thanks again for visiting DustyDiggerLise!