DvorahCurtis' Shop Announcement

D’vorah Curtis Fine Jewelry

Bringing the Spirit of the Earth to your Body and Soul.

Though I am, by profession, a painter and sculptor, I have had a lifelong love affair with the beauty of the gemstones created by the Earth. Every mineral form that is born of the Earth is unique and, when given the opportunity, will share its beauty, spirit and energy with the designer who works with it as well as the person wearing it.

It is with this thought that I create my jewelry. My intent is to give every stone of every piece a loving environment that will highlight its individuality as well as its spiritual and healing properties.

My hope is to share with you the beauty and spiritual properties of these gemstones and precious metals of Mother Earth through the creativity of my jewelry. With each piece being a unique design and combination of stones, metals and designer clasps, there could be one that speaks directly to you.

• All natural gemstones*
• Hand strung on high quality, flexible beading wire
• One of a kind pieces, designed specifically to showcase the semi precious gems chosen.
• All gemstones are hand-picked for beauty, quality and “vibration”
• All the Silver used is Sterling or Hill Tribe Silver
• The Gold Vermeil is Sterling Silver plated with 22 karat gold.

*As an example: Often you will see the word turquoise when the stone actually being used is magnesite, or it even might be a composite material with plastics and other non-natural elements used.