EBBeadandMetalWorks' Shop Announcement

EB Bead & Metal Works is a mother daughter team - Evie and Beth have enhanced that natural bond into a creative partnership. We create one-of-a-kind treasures with the collaboration of our two passions – metalsmithing and flameworking.

Beth (daughter) took jewelry and metalsmithing classes at her local university. She then started teaching Evie (mother) how to saw, file, sand and enamel copper. Beth took her first lampworking class in 2003; after which she played with lampworking on and off for three years before presenting Evie with a gift certificate for a beginning lampwork class. In 2006, Evie converted half of her garage into a studio. Beth and Evie bought two torches, a kiln and a supply of glass and jumped in feet first. In 2010, an enameling kiln, metal cutter, flex shaft and other metalsmithing equipment were added to appease our growing metalsmithing addiction.

Beth and Evie both create the designs for the enameled copper pendants. Our ideas are transferred to paper and glued to a 20 gauge piece of copper. Evie uses a jeweler saw to cut the perimeter and inner holes which really puts her in the zone – a very Zen type experience for her. After Evie and Beth have filed and sanded the pieces, Beth begins the enameling process, because she loves playing with color.

A few years ago Beth saw a friend using Viking Knit in her jewelry and really loved how it looks. So, Beth bought a book on how to make Viking Knit and gave it to Evie and said, "Learn and teach me".

The glass beads and the glass enamel on the copper may crack or break if handled roughly or dropped.

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