ECORecycledTreasures' Shop Announcement

Welcome to ECO Recycled Treasures. Our hand-crafted and one of a kind products are exclusively produced from post-consumer recycled materials. The proceeds from ECO Recycled Treasures are donated to ECO, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. ECO, Inc. focuses its efforts on sustainable, community development projects. In addition, ECO employs at-risk youth through their Community Services Work program for all of their environmental projects. Visit for more information.

This month, we are featuring our Treasured Trash Wearable Art. Each individual design integrates found objects and other recycled materials. During desert clean-up projects, ECO volunteers gather discarded glass from illegal dumpsites, the majority of which has been littering the Sonoran Desert for decades. All of the glass in our Treasured Trash Wearable Art collection, has been individually crafted with copper wire re-purposed from recycled electronics and appliances.

We sincerely appreciate your purchase of our beautiful, one-of-a-kind ECO Recycled Treasures -- providing necessary revenue for all of ECO, Inc.'s non-profit environmental programs.