ESensualBaking's Shop Announcement

Welcome to E-sensual Baking where you can download aphrodisiac baking recipes in PDF format. To begin with I am selling my cupcake recipes and intend to expand into all areas of baking as my business develops.

This all began with a simple quest to save the world from cupcakes groaning with too much butter Icing decorated with items best left for a child’s collage table – these are what I refer to as the wam bam thank you mam cupcakes. I’m a grown-up and I want a grown-up food experience! I want to be seduced and pleasured by layers of flavours and textures erupting in my mouth, I want a feeling of ecstasy when I eat (well if I’m going to spend calories it may as well be good!)

Through my experimenting with different and unusual flavour combinations I accidentally fell headfirst in to the wondrous world of aphrodisiacs and I’ve never looked back! I was rather shy about my discovery at first. As my larder and knowledge expanded I began to share my sensual approach to baking, finding that aphrodisiac ingredients seem to affect people by mere suggestion! Eyes twinkle and there is a certain oola la in the air!

These recipes are fun to make with clear instructions, beautiful photography and even a little erotic writing!

The recipes themselves make perfect gifts. Simply print on some romantic paper, roll into a scroll and fasten with a pretty ribbon. Why not print the recipe and give with the cupcakes you have made.

To clarify, your purchase is for a PDF file, I am sorry but there will be no refunds.

Thank you for visiting my shop,


Sharon Elizabeth x

WARNING: Contains natural aphrodisiac which may be beneficial to your love life!