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EYESEYEcreations' Shop Policies


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Peace & Creativity!

General information is covered in this section. If there's anything specific that we have not answered please click 'Contact' on the left and send us a message. Thank you for visiting.

• Opened September 2011

• Our creations are filled with thought, love, time, and self-expression. Each handmade item is unique and though you may see two handmade items that are similar you will not see two that are exactly the same - that's what handmade is - unique and different - we take pride in that.

• Custom orders are accepted, just send us a message and/or visit to contact us.


• We accept Paypal, Major Credit/Debit Cards, & Money Orders.

• If you choose to pay with a money order we expect to receive the money order within 7 business days (weekends/holidays not included) or less. If the money order is not received within 7 business days (weekends/holidays not included) or if we do not get a message/email from you requesting an extension the item will be re-listed and your order will be cancelled. We may also choose to block you and not sell to you again.


• (READY MADE ITEMS) We ship packages primarily Monday - Friday. Packages are usually shipped within 1-3 days after payment has been received if you have purchased a ready made item. Under unusual circumstances it MAY take up to 3 days for your package to be shipped out (this applies to ready made items only). If you need an item shipped immediately/overnight/expedited please message us for a quote of additional shipping costs.

• (SHIPPING FEES) Shipping fees consist of the actual shipping fee, the tracking service, packaging, & handling fees. You will see the actual shipping fee on your package when it arrives. In addition to that the tracking service, packaging, & handling fees combined usually ranges from $2 - $3. So, if we ship your package(s) and notice that there is a $3 difference or more you will be contacted and given the choice of (1) a refund for the overage or (2) a coupon code for a shipping discount or waiver on your next order.

• (CUSTOM MADE ITEMS) We ship packages primarily Monday - Friday. Custom made items have to be made then shipped. The current wait time on custom made items is 2-3 weeks. After that your package will be shipped to you. If you need an item shipped immediately/overnight/expedited please message us for a quote of additional shipping costs.

• (DOMESTIC - WITHIN THE U.S.A.) Shipping normally takes 3-14 business days (not including weekends or holidays). That means from the time you receive an email confirming your package was shipped out you can expect to wait anywhere from 3-14 days for the package to arrive at the address you provided. In many cases packages have arrived sooner - it depends on you location. If your package does not arrive within 7 days (weekends and holidays not included) it could be due to normal postal delays so please use your tracking number to find the location/expected delivery of your item. Once we ship the item and provide you with the tracking we are not responsible for postal delays that may cause you to receive your item in an untimely manner.

• (INTERNATIONAL - OUTSIDE THE U.S.A.) For international orders shipping times will vary. From our experiences, he longest wait time for an item to arrive has been about 6 weeks (this was from the U.S. to Antigua). If you are outside the U.S. it is possible that it will take anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks for your item to arrive. It could arrive a lot sooner than that as well - again, this depends on your location. Once we ship the item and provide you with the customs number we are not responsible for postal delays that may cause you to receive your item in an untimely manner.

• (IMPORTANT) Majority of the time we include tracking numbers just in case there's an issue with an item so you can always go online to see where the item is.

• (IMPORTANT) If your item has not yet arrived in a timely manner (based on the estimated wait times explained above) and we can clearly see from the tracking info that it is in route we will not issue a refund because as stated above - there may be postal delays and this is out of our control.

Refunds and Exchanges

• REFUNDS are given for items that are lost in the mail. We have tracking numbers to prove if an item arrived to the buyer or not so if we look up the tracking info and it shows that the item was delivered or that it is still in route a refund will not be issued.

• REFUNDS are not given if you (the customer) make a mistake in ordering (i.e, the wrong size, color, fiber, etc.) If you do not thoroughly read the listing and/or watch the videos we provide links to we are not responsible for you not knowing/understanding exactly what you have ordered. So please be sure to read all info we provide and ask as many questions as you like BEFORE you order - this especially applies to custom made items. Some people get very excited after seeing a photo and they never bother to read the listing or ask questions - if this happens and you are dissatisfied with your purchase we can not be held accountable for your lack of attention to detail. Please do not take this harshly but we have to be as straight forward as possible to prevent the normal mishaps that occur with online purchases. We've seen it happen to other people and strive not to have this happen to our customers so PLEASE READ the listing(s) and ask questions if needed.

• We make what you ask for and much time and effort is put into our handmade items so please understand that we do not easily issue refunds unless extenuating circumstances are involved.

Additional Policies and FAQs

• We do not put Ready-to-Ship/Ready Made items on reserve without having received partial payment. Please contact us if you are interested in reserving an item and we can discuss the details.

• We are very creative and always looking for a new challenge so don't be hesitant to ask us to create a special item for you or to make any specific changes to an item you see in our shop. We have created many items that are no longer listed in the shop. If interested in seeing our past work see sold orders: and/or click around on our website:

Seller Information


Mr. & Mrs. Seye
P.O. Box 420714
Houston, TX 77242

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