EaduardHairsticks' Shop Announcement

About my listings, I make ALL the hair sticks made to order except for the Atlatl and Solutrean spears. The cnc stick listings will be for the stick shown.

Pairs: When ordering through the pair listings I will make a pair in the color of that listing. I have a water color listing for pairs and message me in checkout which color you'd like.

Singles: I have a couple of different listings that you can order singles off. Most of the colors I offer in pairs are avail in singles. Message me in checkou message boxt your choices. Please also have a second choice as that will get the order started faster and eliminate convo's.

As of May 5th 2015 I'm asking that anyone who's order is wrong or if you want a refund to return the hair sticks to the address listed in the "message to buyers" on the order page. When I get the package back I will either replace or refund only once I get the hair sticks back. :)

Thank you.