EaduardHairsticks' Shop Announcement

*** 1/18/16 the International shipping price went up to $13.80 and Priority in the U.S. went up to $6.80. I'm sorry but I just found this out Jan 18th 2016***

About my listings, I make ALL the hair sticks "held by hand" through each step. From the band saw to grinding them into shape then through the three sanding steps and then wet sanded and finally buff and polish. There are some tapered over size sticks that are cnc shaped and those are also hand sanded and finished.

Pairs: When ordering through the pair listings I will make a pair in the color of that listing. I have a water color listing for pairs and message me in checkout which color you'd like.

Singles: I have a couple of different listings that you can order singles off. Most of the colors I offer in pairs are avail in singles. Message me in checkout message box your choices. Please also have a second choice as that will get the order started faster and eliminate convo's.

As of May 5th 2015 I'm asking that anyone who's order is wrong or if you want a refund to return the hair sticks to the address listed in the "message to buyers" on the order page. When I get the package back I will either replace or refund only once I get the hair sticks back. :)
**** Make sure your address is correct please. :) And DO NOT forget to put your color choices in the checkout message box in my pick a color listings and everything will flow along just fine. :)
Thank you.