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*** NOTE: For a detailed description of the ancient chinese glazes that we use & our firing process, & NOTICE***FREE GIFTS***= With $150 purchase, you will receive a FREE small "oxidation" porcelain slab flower vase in your choice of 13 color combinations. With $250 purchase, you will receive a FREE medium "oxidation" porcelain slab flower vase in your choice of 13 colors. With $350 purchase, you will receive a FREE large "oxidation" porcelain slab flower vase in your choice of 6 colors. To choose your free gift, see colors under shop sections: "Small, Medium, or Large oxidation slab vases in our Etsy Shop. Then "contact" us thru conversations to tell us which color to send along with your order. ***NOTE: Free items do not apply when using Sale Coupon Codes; you can use either one***
We make 2 types of porcelain pottery. One line is fired in an electric kiln & one is fired in a gas kiln. The work fired in our electric kiln is a series of 3 sizes and 13 color combinations of our porcelain slab flower vases. The work in our gas kiln is a collection of our wheel-thrown and slab-built pottery. We specialize in ancient chinese glazes. I have written a detailed explanation of the process below.
The magical copper reds, chun blues, & celadon glazes of the Ming & Sung Dynasties have awed mankind for centuries! Admired for their gem-like depth of color and intense, undescribable beauty. These glazes have few equals in beauty & rarity in the history of ceramic art. Only with the mastery of the kiln firing does copper reveal its many colored palettes of blues, purple, cherry red, oxblood, fire red, strawberry, peach bloom, watermelon, & pink. The firing of the kiln is of utmost importance in the development of copper glazes. It is a long, laboress process taking at least 10-12 hours of continuous monitoring. Air samples are constantly being taken & measured to determine the amount of reduction taking place, or in simple terms, the amount of smoke or unburned carbon in the kiln atmosphere. This smoky atmosphere is key to the development of the color. Too much smoke & the colors are muddy & lifeless. Too little & the color is easily lost & volitalizes out of the kiln. At cone 10 = 2400 degrees, the gas is shut off & the porcelain matures as the potter waits for the kiln to cool & the first look into the firing chamber to view the results of his long & laborious efforts. This porcelain pottery is 100% handmade in our studio in NC. Our creative techniques include wheel-thrown by Robin and slab-built by Billie.