EasternHealingArts' Shop Announcement

Welcome to Eastern Healing Arts/Dharma Goods.

I have been fortunate to collect a wide variety of unique artifacts from India, Nepal, and other locations in Asia and I have integrated them with genuine semi-precious gemstones and a variety of metal beads from around the world, to create these one of a kind necklaces. Most of the amulets and specialty beads that you see in this store were hand crafted by a group of Tibetan men and women living in Nepal. The purchase of these hand-crafted items helps to directly support these Tibetan refugees. I also donate 10% of all profits to help feed people around the world through Heifer International and to further support the lives of men, women and children still living in Tibet/China with food, clothing and education through the Raktrul Monastery in Kham, Eastern Tibet.

If you have questions about these products or would like me to custom design you a necklace from the many different gemstones, beads and amulet/ pendants that you see in this store or would like a specific length etc, you are invited to call me at 860-350-8959.
Best Wishes,
Tom Adams

Every necklace purchased comes with a beautiful drawstring pouch handmade by Tibetan artisans.