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I am a very late bloomer. I was a social worker in the mental health field in a previous life and now work in fused glass designing and making jewelry and small home décor items. I have a whimsical nature and love color and texture. I admire the “bling” of dichroic glass but my main love is for the “pot melt” pieces. The randomness and surprise of these excites me and I love opening the kiln and discovering what the glass has designed through the melting process. Some of my work is fun and funky like the “Frazzle” line of jewelry and night lights and some is more traditional and even elegant. My daughter collaborates with me on the beaded necklaces.

For those of you not familiar with the “pot melt” glass process, it involves placing pieces of glass in a container such as a flower pot with a hole in the bottom or on a grid and elevating it above a base container. When the kiln heats to a very high temperature, the glass begins to melt and puddles to the lower container. The results are totally random. Since I tend to fret over waste, this is a great way to recycle glass and to utilize small pieces of glass left over from other projects.

In addition to working with glass in my home studio, I also garden, am an avid reader and belong to a fun book club and I do pet therapy work with Boys & Girls Club and volunteer at our local Humane Society.

My husband and I have five delightful and energetic grandkids, two granddogs and two grandcats. It’s a busy life.

I strive to make the very best quality product I can and am always open to suggestions and comments on my work and on ways to improve the appearance of my shop. I hope you will visit often as I try to add new inventory often. I hope you will visit my shop often.

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