EcoBeadsTagua's Shop Announcement

We offer Eco-Friendly Beads for the Earth Friendly Jeweler by EcoBeadsTagua on Etsy! Tagua, AKA vegetable ivory beads, are our specialty. The best quality on the internet!

We offer beads in three finishes. Some of our beads have a lovely satin finish while others have been tumbled with natural materials to achieve the highest gloss possible. Some of our bombona have a natural, tumbled finish but we also offer lacquered bombona which have a high gloss and are super durable.

The tagua is manufactured in South America where the industry employs approximately 30,000 people. We also have netsuke from Hong Kong. Some of them are very old.

With every purchase from EcoBeads Tagua, you help keep the rainforests intact. Our beads are made in small workshops using tagua from Amazonian areas. Tagua flourishes under the rainforest canopy where destruction of the canopy would cause ruin for the tagua industry.

Thank you for being Earth friendly by purchasing from EcoBeads Tagua.

We have the highest quality tagua and the largest selection on the planet for the very best prices.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.