Ecoweaver's Shop Announcement

Hey Friends!
Welcome to Eco-Weaver!
where you will find Environmentally Friendly, Hand-woven, Knitted and Hand-twisted Natural Fiber Products for you and your Pets along with Knitted items crafted from Recycled Plastic Bags and Jewelry made from Recycled Materials such as Bottle Caps, Found Objects, Vintage Comic Books, Re-claimed Wood and Re-claimed Olive Wood from Jerusalem, Vintage Beads, Natural Stone, Seeds, Shells and other Natural Found Objects.

*I specialize in making Super High Quality Hand-Twisted Hemp Ropes Native Style*
This is a Natural Form of Tribal Fiber Art that is passed down through generations.
Hand-Made, Natural, Stylish, Rare and Eco-friendly.

+Custom Orders and trade requests are always Welcomed+

I’m all about keeping the landfills a little cleaner one bottle cap, plastic bag and paper good at a time!

I'm Trinity, a life-long professional Musician, Artist, Jeweler and Gamerchick.
I perform as Trinity Electric Lady. Audiences call me the Female Hendrix for my 60's and 70's Style Guitar Riffs. I’m very dedicated to spreading Peace and Love through my Beads, Music, and all other aspects of my life when possible. I believe that one person can definitely make a difference and I’m always dreaming of a Beautiful World that’s kind to all where everyone eats with shoes on their feet. I’m always working toward getting back to the Garden.

I've been professionally designing and making Jewelry for many years and my customers who I call Friends range from regular folks who enjoy, appreciate and support my work to Festival Folk, Celebrity Musician's, Actors/Actresses, and Professional Sports figures.

I support fair trade and animal and human rights.
I am concerned and proud to offer that my products are environmentally friendly,
Pet friendly and that all imported hand-crafted beads that I use are Fair Trade. I only purchase imported beads from companies or individuals who I know and trust also support fair trade.

I’m also a Christian and active in Music Ministry. You could call me a Jesus Freak or Hippy for Jesus (no drugs of course). I still wear Long Hair, Bell Bottoms, Beads and Bracelets. I support equal rights for all, regardless of race or religious beliefs. I believe in all things that love never fails... This is who I am.
1 Corinthians 13:8

Hope you enjoy my "wares".
10% of everything I make no matter how small is helping to support impoverished families around the world and our tithing has already provided Homes, Animals, Clean Water, Food, Medical services, Bibles, Education and so much more through Christian Organizations and Charities that we personally know and trust. I’m so proud to share that we’ve already built one complete well on site that provides clean water for an entire African Village. No more long, dangerous hikes for miles just to fill up just one jug.
The Adventure Continues…

Thanks for taking the time to visit.
Much Love and Blessings!

For Peace, Love and Beads:
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