EdriesShop's Shop Announcement

this season of Easter, i am donating 40% of all sales to help bring Piper, the Champion Sheltie, home! in a few days, it will be a full year from the time that the shelter picked her up within hours of her getting loose from her yard - and when a rogue rescue took her from the shelter in Columbus, Ohio.! The on-going legal battle between her owners and the Franklin County Animal Shelter along with Central Ohio Sheltie Rescue has now broached $50,000 in costs to the owners - and the total is still growing.

I want to help bring this loved dog home to her owners - so I am offering all profits above costs to help in this fight.

If you are looking for a gift - why not double it - everything you purchase with the note "PIPER" attached will help pay the legal costs to recover Piper. This is a battle for every dog, every owner - a battle to protect our pets from being snatched from their homes and flipped for profit by unscrupulous groups calling themselves "rescue". The only "rescue" that Piper needs is from this organization that is holding her hostage!

My shop is filled with gifts from the earth and sea - the natural stones that are thousands of years old - from petrified wood to lapis lazuli to charoite to amethyst, these pieces reflect the natural energy and beauty from deep within the earth.

From the sea comes the beauty of the pearl. When the humble oyster or mollusk is faced with pain, instead of complaining, it simply creates a thing of beauty - a pearl! Pearls soothe, pearls radiate calm and tranquility in every situation!

Adding pearls and stones in your life will restore the natural balance between you and the world surrounding us!

Each piece is hand selected for the energy and beauty within - and each creation is designed to best show that beauty! Every piece is made with love and comes with a special blessing filled with joy and happiness!

If you would like to extend that happiness to a little dog named "Piper", just add her name to your order!