EldritchArts' Shop Announcement

5/22/15 It's almost summer! Sure feels like it anyways. Gorgeous weather outside, me longing to be out in it, hoping to find some projects I can take outdoors with me some days :] It is also fully con season! Everyone is gearing up to go to their favourite cons and events this time of year! If you have ideas or questions about costume parts and props you might want me to work on for you, please send me a message! I would love to chat about them! Just please contact me as far in advance as you can! Right now, I am booked about two months in advance. So please bear that in mind. Anything you order or commission from me is on a wait list. But, I am working as fast as I can to complete all projects efficiently and well! And am very excited to finish the ones I am working on now and start on other new ones soon! :D

Eldritch Arts ~~~

I began my small business as a way to sell my colourful gauged earrings to a wider audience. I have in the few years since gone from making small jewelry using polymer clay, to learning how to sculpt armour items out of Suphur-Free Plasteline (read: fancy clay), making silicone rubber molds from those sculpts, and then casting durable and high quality armour pieces out of urethane resin. I have refined my painting techniques to turn these resin armour pieces into items that look like real battle-worn metal. I have also done a lot more sewing and costume making, and am now quite comfortable making my own patterns and clothing pieces, looking at a picture of an outfit from a film and being able to turn that into my own replica costume.

Since July 2012, I have been focusing on the Loki costume from Avengers, over time creating all the pieces of the costume. The response to my Loki armour and costume pieces has been overwhelming and extremely encouraging. Thank you to all who have expressed interest and appreciation in my work! I have learned a lot of new techniques and styles, and have worked with a wide array of new materials. I am continually learning, and feel privileged to be able to expand my horizons and continually make new and exciting creations. I love being able to share this joy and knowledge. Find me on Facebook (EldritchArts) to follow my progress and see updates of new costumes and props. I also post threads on The RPF about my progress on my own costumes, so you can see some behind-the-scenes photos.

Though I have specialized in the Loki armour and costume, I also love tackling new challenges and other original or replica costumes! I will however continue producing Loki costume pieces far into the future, as long as people want them :]

Feel free to message me any time with comments or ideas for commissions! Thanks so much for your interest!

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