ElementalDragons' Shop Announcement

**Elemental Dragons have seven clans within the Elemental Forrest - Forrest, Water, Sky, Celestial, Fire, Earth and Gems. Each has their own personalities. Read their whole personalities in my policies page, but here is a small break down:

Celestial Clan - Majestic and the oldest clan known.
Earth Clan - Wise, kind and caring.
Fire Clan - They are known trouble makers.
Forrest Clan - Laid back but territorial.
Gems Clan - Mysterious and shy.
Sky Clan - Have been labeled as snobbish.
Water Clan - Playful and very intelligent.

**What ELSE lives in the forrest???
Tweerbs, Pebbleonians, Truphells, Cherpells, Mud Heads, Snettles, Bog Frogs and more animals and plants being found all of the time.......

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These are just fun little collectables (not to be played with). They will arrive with a printout of their clans story. Feel free to check out the whole story at

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