Elephish's Shop Announcement

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So, I wanted to tell you a little bit about the Art Journal Kits that I've been making lately. I'm obsessively inspired by them, and I hope you are, too!

I guess it starts with my crazy love of paper, ephemera and imagery, especially vintage stuff. I’ve been scrounging around for 20 years picking up pieces here and there. For years I've been picking up books at the junk store, tearing them apart, carefully cutting out the interesting bits and images and then obsessively categorizing all of it in bins and tubs. It's crazy. 20 years.

And of course I love craft stores (who doesn’t). I've scrounged around in every craft store for a hundred mile radius, and you'd think that I'd have a natural love for the scrapbook department, but I don’t, really. I wish I did. I'm always attracted to the rows and rows of pretty bits. But it’s all just too cookie-cutter for me. I want something unique and lovely and inspiring and maybe a little weird, too.

So, I started putting these Art Journal Kits together. They started out as just piles of ideas, but I finally got my head around the concept, and I'm really excited about the results! They are what I would want to buy and use.

I've dug out bins that I haven't looked through for years! and it's been so much fun, letting ideas come together and seeing how colors and images talk to each other.

Putting an Art Journal Kit together is almost like journaling or making a soul collage, in a way. There's sort of a spiritual element to it that I love. The pieces come together in such an organic way, like they were meant to be which each other.

Well, maybe that sounds crazy, but that's how I feel, and I feel honored, really, to be able to share these special bits of paper and ephemera with you.

But--you ask--what do you do with all of it? All these bits of paper, what's it all for?

Well, to answer that, I’d like to tell you a little story about myself. I used to love to journal. I had my favorite journals, my favorite pens, and I wrote a lot. But then in college, I had a bad experience in a personal essay writing class that sort of spoiled the fun for me, and I was not able to approach a journal with the same delight as I had before. In fact I started sort of panicking about it.

Then I few years later I took a community art class and the teacher encouraged us to use an art journal. I actually used an old book for that first art journal: A Little Princess. And I tore pages, and glued stuff in there, and circled words and phrases that I liked. It felt really good, and I’ve been painting and drawing and gluing stuff into books ever since.

So that’s what these bits of paper are for – inspiration.

Tear them up; glue them down; mix them up with your favorite pictures and words.

If words escape you, let pictures do the talking for you.

It feels good.

Just grab your glue stick and go!

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