ElizabethCreations' Shop Announcement

Thanks to you all! ElizabethCreations

I am into sewing, paper crafts, crocheting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, computering, blogging, genealogy, pinterest, facebook, and anything else that looks/sounds interesting. As a craft enthusiast, I go into a store and look for things that will work for something it was not made to work for. I improvise and invent. I like to just wander through a store and see what’s new… and ‘what can that be used for’. I save things…. Never know when I might need it… if it can then be found. I can’t straighten up my work space, for it’s always being used. Ideas come and go… some work and some don’t. Using patterns are confusing to me… show me pictures and I’ll figure it out.

I make quilts… have made over 100, I’m sure. Then I added purses/handbags to my sewing when I couldn’t find one like I wanted. I still make both. I scrapbooked a lot of my family pictures … found there were a lot of people doing the same thing. That branched into other paper crafts… and the list continues. Jewelry making, cross stitching, embroidery, wood crafts, (yes, I have a tool box and a dremel), making stuffed dolls/animals…. I dabble in them all. I’m also a hair dresser/beautician .. semi-retired.
I keep adding to my list of crafts. I work at my sewing/crafting every day… into the night hours…. And have projects going all the time. Currently, I have 3 sewing machines… one is an embroidery/sewing Brother. I haven’t had time to really investigate and learn this machine… but what I’ve done so far with it is just plain fun. This computer keeps me busy. We all couldn’t do what we do without a computer.

I think the one thing that interests me the most… if I had to choose one.. .. it would be genealogy researching. I’m good at it… I know the tricks of the hunt. It’s like putting a puzzle together…. When you find those names.. where they lived… what they did…. It’s a thrill. When I was a kid, my grandmother would tell me who was related to whom… my g uncle thought I should be into who was related to whom also. It didn’t interest me then… but it does now. Very important for someone to get information down and saved. By the time some of us want to know who is whom… there is no one left to ask.

My immediate family consists of 4 sons’ and daughters-in-law, a daughter and son-in-law, 7 grandchildren and one DH. I’m most fortunate to have them all. I am currently watching my 1 yr old grandson 3 days a week. He’s at the interesting stage…. Investigating everything… and he’s a sweetheart.

My current goal is to be successful with my shops… to have items that you all would want. I make things like I’d like them to be if I were using them myself.
I am the one making the items I list. I wish I had a little dog… but do not… so where I work is pet free and smoke free.

I hope you come by often to see what I’ve recently added. Ideas come and go … if there were just more hours in my day.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.