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The Elusive Catfish and its Astonishing Adventures

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The Elusive Catfish and its Astonishing Adventures


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Last updated on March 15, 2016
****The Elusive Catfish and its Astonishing Adventures!****

Hey ho! :D

Who we are: A group of designers and printers
What we do: Cool T-shirt stuff
We want: To make you a t-shirt you can wear and think, "Hey, me likey".

Enjoy your stay :D

Accepted payment methods

Returns and exchanges
We obsessively quality check, measure, and recheck all items before printing on them and sending them out to you. We appreciate it greatly if you take care to be sure of what sizes you wish to purchase before you commit to parting with your hard earned dosh. However, things can still happen and we understand that. As such, here is a list of important stuff:

This shirt is too big / too small. It's making me hate myself.
--> Sizing chart! Do please note that we use STANDARD EUROPEAN SIZING which may be slightly smaller than standard North American sizing. We would LOVE if you could take a little time to check out the SIZING CHART (the second picture of EVERY listing in the shop!!) before making a purchase. A little prudence beforehand can save a lot of heartache later for You and Us :):):) Thanks and Loves!

Also, do please keep in mind that all tshirts are hand sewn by real people and have a tolerance of around 0.5 inches, so if you are in between sizes, it's always best to order a size up!

Because we are dependent on what our suppliers can provide us, some brands may run smaller/larger than what is listed on the chart. We will always send the MEASUREMENT ordered rather than the letter size ordered to ensure best fit :)

Example 1: Did you get an S instead of an L when you clearly ordered an L???
--> Sorry! We'll send you a new shirt at the right size ASAP.

Example 2: Did you order an XL and it feels kind of tighter/looser than you are used to? -->If it DOES NOT fall within the parameters of the sizing chart, this is a factory error and we'll send you another one immediately!

-->If it DOES fall within the parameters of the sizing chart, worry not, we'll be happy to replace it to another size of your choice if you return it to us and cover shipping costs both ways. Shirt must be received in the same NEW, unwashed, unworn condition it was sent to you in.

Example 3: Do you not like it for some other reason and just want a refund? --> Please send it back to us in the same NEW, unwashed, unworn condition it was sent to you in and we'll issue a refund minus shipping :)

Returns / exchanges must be initiated within 10 days of receipt (according to the postal tracking details).

We accept returns in 3 locations - France, New Zealand, and Malaysia. Please feel free to send your item to the location cheapest/closest to you (more details will be sent upon inquiry).


This shirt arrived munted in the mail. It looks like it was dipped in the ocean twice and shredded by a thresher.
-->We are dreadfully sorry that this has happened. We are unable to control what happens to the parcel once it leaves our hands. Happily though, we always track and insure everything. Please send us some photos of the DOA shirt, so we can process an insurance claim. In the meantime, we'll make you another one and send it down :)


You sent me the wrong size / color / design / a manky shirt that smells of disappointment. It vexes me. I'm terribly vexed.
--> Sorry, may we die a thousand deaths. Please send us a picture of the offending garment and any defects you have found. We take pictures of every tee that leaves us for insurance purposes. In the case of defects, we'll make a quick comparison and if we've screwed up, we'll send you another one for free and you can wear Bad Shirt for lazy Sundays indoors :) We still cool tho right?

Something else etc. etc.
- Please come talk to us! We'll sort things out on a case by case basis :) elusivecatfish [!at] gmail.com



- We strongly suggest that you might want to track your items if you are sending them back. Unfortunately, if we do not receive them, we have no way of ascertaining if it was ever sent back to us.


Stage 1: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE submit cancellation requests within 24 hours of your purchase. Any cancellation requests made during the first 24 hours including for custom orders, will be refunded in full.

Stage 2: If you submit a cancellation request anytime after the first 24 hours of purchase, chances are we will already have started working on your tshirt print. We really do want to be as fair as we can be here, so when you ask us, we will let you know if we have started on your item yet. If we have not, a full refund applies. If we HAVE started the printing process or working on your order (e.g. designing your custom request etc.), a 15% fee (15% of the price of your item only) will apply in order to cover a portion of the materials and time already used. We are sorry about having to do this, but we take our craft very seriously and spend a considerable amount of time, effort, and quality materials on every single order. We take this opportunity to respectfully request that customers PLEASE consider their potential purchase seriously before making it.

Stage 3: If we have already shipped your item (shipping proof either via marking as shipped or being in possession of a tracking number given by the post office) – CANCELLATIONS CAN NO LONGER BE MADE. As a goodwill gesture, you may opt to return your item to us by leaving it unsigned for so it will reroute back to sender. Once the item returns to us UNCLAIMED, we will issue a refund for the cost of the item ONLY minus a 30% restocking fee.

Paypal only until something else becomes available.

If you are paying via E-check, please note that items will only be shipped after payment has cleared. This takes around 3 - 7 working days according to PayPal.

Custom Orders: We will discuss your needs fully before sending you a quote. If the terms are agreeable, we start work after the order has been paid for in full - or 50% deposit for larger orders.

Note: Almost everything in the shop is custom made to order. We will always try our best to be the quickest of cats, but in general, please do try your best to make any custom orders well in advance.
We try our absolute best to ship 1 to 5 working days after payment. Some times will be busier than others which may result in us shipping 2-3 days later than that. Ready-to-ship items typically are shipped immediately whereas items we need to print will take around 3 days for the ink to properly dry and cure before we can ship.

SOMETIMES we might run out of a color and not have time to change the listing before this happens. In such an event, we will be super sorry and send you a message ASAP to see if you would like to change shirt color to something we have currently available, or if you can wait until your desired color turns up :)


Shipping duration is advised for:
Almost Everywhere: 11 - 21 working days from airport to airport (this means not including public holidays, weekends, and any time spent in customs)
Israel (via France): 28 - 49 working days

HOWEVER, we are noticing these more realistic times below:

● Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea (Normally 1 - 2 weeks)
● France (Normally 2- 3 weeks)
● Germany, Brazil, Italy, Greece, South Africa (VERY, VERY DIFFICULT TO SAY - delivery heavily depends on time spent in customs checks. Final delivery may be very slow if parcels are held by customs or in the case of South Africa, the SAPO. We have experienced anywhere from 2 - 6 weeks, up to 3.5 months!!! PLEASE do note that such delays can happen for items going to these countries, before committing to your purchase. For customers from these countries, we recommend purchasing EXPEDITED SHIPPING.
● Australia, UK, Canada except to Vancouver or via Vancouver (Normally 2 - 4 weeks) PLEASE NOTE:
---->>> Tracking will NOT be picked up by Australia Post after items leave Malaysia
---->>> Tracking to the UK is only partial. Items will be marked as "Delivered" when received by buyer, but they will not be tracked all the way by Royal Mail after leaving Malaysia.
---->>> As of 2016, Tracking will NO LONGER be picked up by Canada Post after items leave Malaysia.
● Canada VANCOUVER, or going VIA VANCOUVER (Normally 4 - 8 weeks ***PLEASE EXPECT DELAYS***)
As of April 2014, Items going to or through Vancouver (specifically the Vancouver Pacific Processing Centre) are HEAVILY DELAYED. Any deliveries going through the Vancouver PPC first, seems to take AT LEAST 2-6 weeks longer than if they are sent out through to the rest of Canada.
● Israel - Pos Malaysia offers no shipping to Israel. As such, we will ship purchases to France first, and then onwards to Israel. Shipping duration to your address will be around 4-8 weeks since the item needs to travel in a most roundabout manner. We are sorry for the additional shipping cost incurred in order to process this, but we have absorbed around 30% of the cost in our best efforts to offer the same, fair shipping to customers everywhere :)

WE ARE VERY SORRY FOR ANY DELAYS DUE TO POSTAL/CUSTOMS ISSUES. Unfortunately, we need to rely on global postal networks and items WILL need to be held in customs for a varying amount of time depending on each respective country entered. This is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY out of our control. We can offer you estimated delivery times but in the end, patience is key :)



--->>>> As of 1st October 2015, USPS no longer tracks Registered international parcels coming into the USA due to a policy change. Items will be tracked until they leave Malaysia. Don't worry though, you'll still get your parcel if you are home to sign for it. If no one can sign for it at your residence, you should receive a peach colored USPS notice for pick-up/re-delivery.

IN THE EVENT you have waited 3-4 weeks and have yet to receive a knock on the door or a pick-up notice:

1) PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call your local post office to see if it is waiting for you there. Postmen are only human and may forget or bypass your residence if they are busy or forgetful. Quite often, packages are sitting in your local post office collecting dust. We STRONGLY ADVISE calling because parcels will be rerouted back to sender if unclaimed within 15 days.

2) If the item is not in your local post office, PLEASE do call USPS to see if they can get a handle on it (quite often the item is still at least partially tracked because USPS is still obliged to provide a signature for registered items upon paid request, but just not publicly visible). Please call:

USPS® Customer Service

Call 1-800-ASK-USPS® (1-800-275-8777)
Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8 AM - 8:30 PM ET
Saturday 8 AM - 6 PM ET

To speak to a real person:

i) After first automated prompt say: DELIVERY ASSISTANCE

ii) Wait for more options then say: OTHER DELIVERY QUESTIONS

iii) You will be told that "All of our representatives are assisting other callers". Opt for a call-back by pressing "1" and leave your contact details.

You won't have to wait on hold for 40 minutes and USPS will call you back and help you track your item so you'll know where it is in the country and how much longer you will need to wait.


REGISTERED SIGNATURE-REQUIRED DELIVERY has been carefully calculated to ensure combined shipping happens automatically!

1 Shirt = $9 shipping per piece
2 Shirts = $6 shipping per piece
3 Shirts = $5 shipping per piece
4 Shirts = $4.50 shipping per piece
5 Shirts = $4 shipping per piece

If you need anything more than that, we will ring up the post office and figure out how best to send bulk wares to you in Cheapy McCheaperston fashion. We're good like that.

These prices listed above are for "almost everywhere". Anomalies may pop up every now and again due to postal price changes etc, and prices for certain countries will have to be adjusted accordingly, without warning. Terribly sorry, and thanks for understanding!


Need something in a hurry? Well, it's possible but pricy. We'll use Fedex, EMS, or DHL - whichever is cheapest at the time, which is an ouchy $35 - $57 per 500grams (may go up or down depending on fuel surplus and rates of the moment). Let us know and we'll check the rates and arrange it for you.

Packing is no frills - weight is money out of your pocket! We musn't!


International buyers are responsible for any and all charges related to delivery, including, but not limited to, clearance and/or customs fees, duties and/or taxes, and any brokerage fees that may be charged by the shipper. Please be familiar with the laws of your country.

Questions about this? Send us a message and ask :D We'll try to shed as much light on it as we can for you!
Additional policies and FAQs
CUSTOM ORDERS? Yay! :D Come be friends!

WHOLESALE you say?? Bring your dollies three, and climb up my apple tree! :D :D :D

Send us an Etsy Convo or shoot us an email on elusivecatfish [!at] gmail.com

We use only preshrunk, colorfast tees that won't lose their shape after loads of washes! At the moment, we have taken on the Fruit of the Loom range due to its high quality and promise of environmental sustainability (which can be viewed here: http://www.fotlinc.com). Other brands we use are Nath, Gildan, and our own Elusive Catfish Kids brand.

We use water based dyes wherever possible as it is important for us to be toxic free and environmentally friendly (we are based in one of the last great rainforests on earth, after all, and these things must be preserved).

No pets, no smoke, no slave labor (cept for ourselves, but that's a victimless crime, don't worry about it).

These guys do the designing:
Francesco @ https://www.etsy.com/shop/WildnisPhotography
Raffy, Robsart and Alex @ https://www.etsy.com/shop/SummonTheShaman
Lidia and Giuseppe @ https://www.etsy.com/shop/TightropeToTheMoon

These guys do the printing:

All our materials come from these guys:

By our powers combined, we are:

Questions? Drop us a line at elusivecatfish [!at] gmail.com or send us an Etsy convo!