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I love to see people wearing my jewelry, such a great feeling :)
I enjoy being a part of someone's big day :)
Personalized kids bracelets are the cutest things in my shop. Agree? :)
First pearls for little girls! :)
Sitting on the beach.. It is really not too hard to get inspiration here in Croatia! :)

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” A. Einstein

Everything started 6 years ago. I wanted to do something creative on my summer break. I wanted to learn new skills, but still have fun and creative time. So I bought few blocks of polymer clay... Felt good, looked good!

In the next few years it developed and I decided I'm ready to show my pieces to Etsy people.
I find this pretty crazy. I'm from Croatia, small country at the heart of Europe, and I'm selling my handcrafted pieces around the world! Brides wear my jewelry in US, flower girls in Canada, stylish girls in Australia, men in the UK... When I'm on the way to my local post office to send my work "in the world", it feels amazing. (I also want to go with my packages at all that beautiful places, but that's a little problem)

I enjoy in making jewelry for special moments like weddings, bridal parties, baby showers, christenings, anniversaries... My favorite part is personalizing jewelry, creating special gifts for your loved ones!

You can follow me on Instagram for new updates "behind the scenes" :)

Feel free to look around, thank you for stopping by!
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I'm Ema, 25 years old journalist from Croatia, inspiring country in a beautiful Europe. I make jewelry for almost 6 years. I enjoy in the whole process - inspiration, ideas, creations, photographs, communication... I'm pretty happy here! :)
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