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A bestseller: citrine point pendants. Other unique products include amethyst points & hypoallergenic niobium earrings.
A writing sample. I offer a range of professional writing services based on client feedback.
Hand-stamped bookmark wedding favors (mini bookmarks are also available for purchase).
Featured on PopSugar in December 2014: my birch slice ornament made using vintage book page words.
I create my jewelry with an eclectic eye using argentium sterling silver wire & stones. Perfect to layer or wear alone.

EmeraldCut | The Introverted Writer

A writer with a Master's degree and a self-taught jewelry maker, I write and make things by hand. Here at EC | TIW, you will find my line of wire-wrapped jewelry, book page wedding decor, and professional writing services. My emphasis is on quality, with a moody depth that characterizes each piece. A perfectionist, I often spend half an hour observing each creation, making sure it is uniquely "just right." Materials are hand selected; integrity and honesty are of paramount importance. Since 2013, my writing services have been offered exclusively on Etsy. I uphold a writer's ethics and never use writing templates or plagiarize. All shop content is my own.

A one-woman show, I take my job seriously but also love the day-to-day handmade process involved: from designing and creating items, to photographing and listing my work, to answering convos and sending off packages. I occasionally offer coupon codes, so see my Shop Announcement.

I began offering my professional writing services back in 2013 after obtaining a Master's degree. With a theoretical, literary book-length study written, my specialized training and degree provide the client with a well-versed writer who writes without gimmicks (such as cliches) or hype. The result is quality content that cannot be replicated, and can therefore be utilized for years to come.

A little about my writing style:
My first autobiography was written at age 8 or 9 on the family typewriter. Since then, I have honed my craft by developing a unique, detailed writing style. Highly attuned to the subtle nuances of the English language, I write clearly with attention to detail. From structure to layout, to content and organization, as well as word choice, my writing imparts a wordsmith's sensibility and an academic's critical eye, allowing for depth and clarity in my writing. See my blog (where I write on a plethora of subjects) for more writing samples:

Read my writer's FAQs on my main site here:

Conscious consumerism is an integral part of my handmade process. I create mainly pendants, which allows for the option to REUSE existing chains as an alternative to further metal mining. Book page goods are made from upcycled paperbacks for an earth-friendly footprint. Complimentary gift wrapping also incorporates upcycled materials.

My handmade collection has been featured on websites such as POPSUGAR and Book Riot, incorporated into weddings and other celebratory events, and symbolically served as family jewelry in addition to daily wear. I love hearing from my clients about the significance of my work to them.

In my free time, I enjoy: reading classic novels, going on road trips with my husband, and visiting desolate ghost towns.

Please see my donation items to help me donate to causes; questions are always welcome. More about my work:

I retain all rights to my intellectual property (including content and images). Learn about how you can help me boycott plagiarists:

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