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....Fair little treasures ....

Because fairmined gold is more precious, conflict free diamonds are more pure and ethical jewellery more beautiful... Ethical gold and silver jewellery contemporary. Fairmined gold & silver and ethicaly sourced gems and conflict free diamonds.
All shop items are hand-fabricated by myself in my work shop, in the old Barcelona.

I want my creations to be ethicaly right, transparent and sustainable from the very begining, from the moment of mining gold, diamonds and gemstone.
I use fairmined silver and gold, a standard that aims to improve the circumstances for miners. It drives back the use of harmful mercury during extraction, mined under strict international environmental standards to protect local ecosystem. It advances safety of the miners and ensures a fair share for all involved through a cooperative system. The cooperatives also ensure equal rights for man and women and prevent the use of child labour. Jewellery stamped with the Fairtrade Stamp ensures your metal was responsible sourced & can be traced from the mine to you. 

I guarantee that my conflict-free diamonds originate from pure, ethical sources, mines that adhere to strict labor, trade, and environmental standard. They are untouched by all human rights abuses, including child labor, forced labor, murder, torture, and rape.
Because we need, all together, goldsmiths, customers and all jewellery or beauty lovers to show the world how mining can benefit everybody rather than just the few. By supporting Fairmined metals and ethically sourced gems and diamonds we are bringing new materials into circulation while providing some of the worlds disadvantaged communities with income, helping to rebuild the environment rather than destroy it.

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