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Rustic antiqued jewelry. Rugged, hammered, ancient. Wedding bands, hammered hoops, hammered bangles, cuff bracelets, earrings, alternative engagement rings in recycled gold, palladium, platinum.

I only keep a small sampling of my designs on Etsy. See everything at &

What is recycled gold?
Recycled gold means that I buy my gold from a supplier who pledges not to sell new gold from mines. All gold has some recycled content. When a supplier makes gold wire, sheet, casting grain, etc. they always melt down gold and alloy metals to make the required alloy (14k, 18k etc). I choose suppliers who only use gold they purchase from non-mine sources. These sources are typically other jewelers selling back the leftover snippets of gold from hand fabrication, gold dust, gold castings, and returned gold jewelry.

Recycled gold is better for the environment because we're not disrupting large portions of the earth to find smaller and smaller quantities of "new" gold.

Recycled gold is just as good as mined gold. There is no difference between the two when you're wearing it as jewelry, except that you can feel good knowing you've cared for the earth.

Contact Information
Emily Wiser
Email: jewelry [!at]
Voicemail: 408-634-5365
Address: 20660 Stevens Creek Blvd. #234, Cupertino CA 95014

EmilyWiserJewelry's Shop Policies


I only keep a small sampling of my designs on Etsy. See everything at


$10 off coupon

Q. Do You Have Discounts or Coupons?

A. Returning Client Discount Begins July 6, 2012
For repeat clients, you will get a discount based upon your previous purchases! $200 = 2% discount, $300 - 3% discount, $400 = 4% discount, $500 = 5% discount, $600 = 6% discount, $700 = 7% discount, $800 = 8% discount, $900 = 9% discount, $1,000 and up = 10% discount

I do not discriminate by sexual orientation, race, nationality, or religion. All are welcome.


Paypal only

Q. Do You Charge Sales Tax?

* Yes, I charge 8.5% sales tax to California buyers.

International buyers will probably have to pay VAT / Customs to their local government once the package arrives.


Q. When Will You Mail My Jewelry?

* Your jewelry will ship in 2-3 weeks.

***Important: I ship to the shipping address listed in PayPal, only. Please make sure that your shipping address is up to date in PayPal before you pay. PayPal is very strict and requires its vendors to ship to the shipping address listed in your PayPal account (regardless of the address listed in your Etsy account).***

Q. Where Do You Ship?

* US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Singapore. I also ship to most countries in the EU and Japan.

Q. Once You Ship, How Long Does It Take To Arrive?

* I ship within the US by first-class mail, Priority mail, Express mail, registered mail. US shipments can take anywhere between 1 day and a month. Please add at least $10 to ship by UPS or FedEx.

* To International Locations, I ship US Express, which usually takes 3-5 business days, except for Canada (which takes about 2 weeks).

* During Christmas season, packages can be severely delayed.

Q. I'd Like Express Shipping. How Much Does It Cost?

* To the U.S.: $25 Express Mail Total

International packages are automatically sent Express mail.

Q. Do You Require A Signature?

* Paypal requires a signature for packages worth $250 or more.

Q. I Really Need My Jewelry Quickly. Do You Offer Rush Service?

* Yes. If you pay for rush service, I will make your jewelry within 7-10 days. Cost is $50 per item. Here is the link to pay for rush service:

Q. I Don't Want To Wait In Line At The Post Office. Is There An Easier Way To Mail Jewelry To You?

* Yes. You can print out a shipping label with postage from your PayPal account and put your package in your mailbox. Click here:

International Buyers may need to pay VAT / Customs to their own government once the package arrives.

Q. What are your holiday and summer wedding order deadlines?

A. Order deadlines are:

*Christmas ordering deadline is December 1.

*June Wedding rings need to be ordered by May 15.

*July Wedding rings need to be ordered by June 7.

*August Wedding rings need to be ordered by July 15.

Q. When are you out of studio?

A. I am not in my studio during kids' school holidays and US business holidays.

Refunds and Exchanges

Q. Do You Accept Returns or Exchanges?

No, I don't accept returns or exchanges. Because everything is made-to-order. There is very little chance that someone else might want the same style of ring, with the same metal, and the same gems, in the same size. So, there is very little chance of reselling your returned ring.

All sales are final.

If you'd like to see my work in person before buying, you can order a sample sterling silver stacking ring or a silver wide band ring. Different finishes are available. You can return this ring and I'll refund less shipping.

If there is a problem with your jewelry, please contact me and I'll do the best I can to fix it! I try to balance being fair with making you happy. So, I'll do whatever I can that I think is fair to both me and you and that will make you happy. My goal is to make you so happy with my jewelry that you will come back to my store!

Q. I ordered the wrong size ring. Will you resize it for me?

A. Yes, I will. Here are the costs:
1. To resize a BAND ring (ring with no stone) smaller is $25 per ring.
2. To resize a HAMMERED band ring (ring with no stone) larger up to 1/2 size is complimentary.

Any other rings or types of resizing will typically have a small charge plus materials cost. Please check with me to see what it is. I basically have to remake the entire ring to resize it in most cases. I charge a small resizing fee (which is typically not enough to cover my labor costs) to encourage clients to make sure they have the right size before purchasing. Purchasing a professional (metal) ring sizer or stopping by a jewelry store to get your finger sized is usually the most accurate way of getting a size.

Q. My Jewelry Was Damaged Or Stolen In Transit. What Do I Do?

* For Lost Packages: For Global Express Guaranteed international shipments, you should tell me that your package has not arrived between Day 4 & Day 25 after shipping. For all other packages, you should wait 3 weeks from ship date to see if your package is truly missing, or simply delayed. Please be patient with the process. In the end, I'll refund your purchase or send you replacement jewelry.

* For Damaged Jewelry. If your box is damaged when you receive it, you should take a picture of it before opening. I'll also ask you to take a picture of the damaged jewelry. In the end, I'll refund your purchase or send you replacement jewelry.

* For Pilfered Packages. "Pilfered" means that someone has opened the box, taken the jewelry out, and then closed up the box and let it continue to ship to you. For packages requiring signature confirmation, I may seal my boxes with security tape. If the tape has been broken or tampered, DO NOT SIGN FOR THE PACKAGE. It will be returned to me. As long as you do not sign an acceptance for the pilfered package, I'll refund your purchase or send you replacement jewelry.

Q. Do You Offer a Warranty?

A. Yes.

Guarantee & Warranty. Care of Jewelry.
I guarantee the authenticity of my metals and gemstones.

I also guarantee my jewelry against breaking for normal wear and tear for 2 years. I will replace stones if they fall out, except for the center stones or larger diamonds, for two years. You would pay for shipping there and back. There is no charge for my labor.

By "normal wear and tear," I mean wearing your jewelry for streetwear and office work. You should not expose your jewelry to chlorine (from a swimming pool), saltwater or sand, and be careful when steam-cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning your jewelry as different stones need different types of care. While I wear my own jewelry while goldsmithing, I don't advise you to wear yours under these kinds of conditions (manufacturing, lab work, factory work, etc.) as it exposes your jewelry to stressors like temperature, sand, chemicals etc. that subtly change the color and strength of your jewelry.

Some of my women's designs are very skinny and dainty. I do wear these rings while I goldsmith, because the skinny bands are some of my favorite designs. But, there are things I definitely would not do while wearing thin-band delicate rings. Don't lift weights while wearing them -- metal weights will press against the ring band and thin it out even more in the area where it presses. It's similar to what jewelers do when we "burnish" metal. (Burnishing is pushing metal with a metal rod. You can move a lot of metal this way). In general, you would just need to be more careful with a thin-band ring than a thick ring. I use white vinegar and sea salt to clean my rings after soldering. It's very effective. So, I would not do things like immerse your rings in vinegar while cooking, or wear them in the pool, etc. Just use a little care and common sense :) If you have any questions about whether your daily activities are suitable for thin-band rings, just ask.

All jewelry needs to be taken to a jeweler once every few years for a "tune-up," depending on how much you wear the jewelry, and how hard you are on it. Prongs can get worn down and jewelry can dull over time, especially if you expose it to chemicals. A "tune-up" will resand and repolish your jewelry, and tighten up any loose settings. I would be happy to tune-up your jewelry.

If someone else has worked on your jewelry, I no longer guarantee it.

Q. How do I care for my 14k rose gold jewelry?

A. 14k rose gold is 58% gold and about 42% copper. While gold is a noble metal that strong and pliable, with low conductivity and resistance to mild acids, copper is not. You need to take care to maintain the integrity of your jewelry's copper. Therefore, please do not expose your 14k rose gold jewelry to acids. Vinegar, salt, and chlorine all eat away at the copper in your rose gold and may make it brittle and prone to breakage. Canning, regular swimming, and cleaning with solvents or acids can weaken the copper. Use care and common sense and your jewelry should be fine.

Q. When Can I Reach You?

A. During business hours on US business days.

Additional Policies and FAQs

I only keep a small sampling of my designs on Etsy. See everything at

jewelry [!at]
Voicemail: 408-634-5365
Address: 20660 Stevens Creek Blvd. #234, Cupertino CA 95014

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