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I am proud to announce that Thompson Enamel has rated Enamel Warehouse as a Preferred Thompson Distributor placing my shop in their highest Gold Level Group! Thank you to my customers who have supported me!!!

NOW Liquid Enamels 8 oz sizes fully stocked!

IN STOCK!!! ALL THOMPSON COLORS in 2 and 8 ounce sizes - READY TO SHIP! Not all colors are listed here on Etsy, but I always have them in stock! SEND CONVO IF YOU DON'T SEE IT HERE!

Now (because you asked for it!) offering a separate opaque sample set and a separate transparent sample set in both the random sets of ten and the 70+ samples!!!

8 ounce individual packets of powder form liquid enamel now available! No longer offered - A complete sample set of 22 powder form liquid enamels - 1 of every available color - 1 oz each. Sold only in sets.

NEW ITEM! Complete beginner's enameling kit with bee hive kiln! Ready, set, enamel!

Want 8 oz sizes instead of 2 oz? Send me an Etsy convo!

We all have experienced sellers who actually make money on shipping fees.
I am not one of them. I always refund shipping/handling over charges for my customers :-)
Here's why there are shipping overages in the first place:
Because any one item, even something as lightweight as a three-point trivet or small sifter, would cost a minimum of $1.69 to send individually, each item has to be priced by the seller as if it is being shipped alone. If only that item was ordered, then the stated shipping would cover the shipping/handling. When several items are ordered, then the total shipping will be more than necessary and a refund is required. Here' how it works - A large order may be calculated by Etsy as costing $28.00. I get the order, decide that everything can be shipped in a medium or large flat rate box, for example, then refund the excess to you through your payment method.
I refund shipping overage for my customers :-)

NOTICE ~ I am all about customer service! Most of my orders are shipped within 24 - 48 HOURS. Exceptions are holidays and larger orders.

Enamel Warehouse carries ALL Thompson 1000 and 2000 series enamels, Thompson Enamel supplies, stamped copper shapes, and iron beads for torch firing.

I carry EVERY enamel 1000 and 2000 series colors in 8 and 2 ounce jars ready to go!

IMPORTANT NOTE - My promise to you - I get my enamels directly from Thompson. I charge you no more than Thompson prices (many times less) and do not re-package in odd sizes at a higher price per ounce. I am also meticulous about purity of the product!

OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR for Thompson Enamel ~ IF THEY HAVE IT, I SELL IT at the same Thompson prices (or lower)! Custom orders happily accepted! International orders accepted, also. Please send convo.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING - Please send me a convo with your name, address, and the items you wish to purchase. I will prepare and ship the order, then list as a custom order adding $5.00 handling to the actual shipping cost. My policy for International orders:
Yes, I ship outside the US.
Normally what I do is:
Take your order, name and address
Get the exact shipping from the post office
Send an Etsy convo to you for approval
Add $5.00 handling over the exact shipping charge
Post the Etsy custom order for you to pay
Ship within 24 hours of payment.
This way seems to be the fairest for both the seller and the customer - no over or under charges!


I have all colors in stock even if you don't see it in my shop!

Go to Pick out your wish list & send it to me. I will make an Etsy listing for exactly what you need. Send me a convo or email javb2000 [!at]!
Unlike other distributors, I do NOT charge more per ounce than Thompson! As a certified Thompson distributor, I get my enamels at a savings and pass some of those savings on to YOU!

Don't see what you want in my shop? ORDER ANYTHING THOMPSON ENAMEL! Just make your list from then send me an Etsy Convo or email javb2000 [!at] with your order.

Member of the Enamelist Society - and Grains of Glass (Ning group) online enameling communities.

Check out enameling & mixed media jewelry classes at my Charmed I'm Sure Studio in south central Pennsylvania and also at the following art retreats: Art & Soul in Virginia Beach, Kansas City, MO, & Portland, Oregon (, BeadFest in Philadelphia (

Enamel Warehouse carries all supplies from Thompson Enamel including opaque and transparent enamels, all enameling supplies, copper, stamped copper shapes, iron beads, torch firing beads, bead-making supplies. If you find it at, I can get it for you!

As an approved distributor, Enamel Warehouse sells enameling supplies from Thompson Enamel, the best-known and trusted name in the business. We are a Thompson Enamel official retailer and guarantee the quality and purity of Thompson enamel products. Your order will be processed expeditiously - Your satisfaction is guaranteed by Enamel Warehouse!

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING DIRECTLY FROM THOMPSON IN KENTUCKY - I strive to carry most Thompson supplies & all enamel colors in my stock, but it is impossible to carry everything they sell. IF an order includes items that I do not have in stock that need to be shipped directly from Thompson, customers may experience a one to two week delay in receiving their orders due to backlogs at the Kentucky facility. Items I carry in my shop are processed immediately and shipped within 24 hours. My customers are my business!

Also, please visit my shop of enameled jewelry - CHARMED I'M SURE See what these fabulous enamels can make! In addition, check out Art Girls Tools for all your jewelry-making tools!


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INFORMATION - From Art Jewelry Magazine:

What is enameling?
Simply put, enameling is fusing glass to metal. Enamels are made of finely powdered glass particles and other materials, like minerals and ceramic pigments. Enamels come in lump, powder, and liquid forms.

Mini glossary
Coefficient of Expansion (COE) The rate at which a material expands and contracts; enamelists must consider the COEs of both the metal and the glass that they're firing together to ensure that the enamels adhere properly

Counter enamel Enamel fused to the back of a piece to balance the stress created by enamel fired on the front of the piece; prevents cracking

Fines Porcelain dust residue; it's important to wash the fines out of transparent enamels, or the fired colors will be cloudy

Flux A colorless, clear enamel often used as a base layer for subsequent layers of transparent enamels; enamel flux is unrelated to the flux used in soldering

Fully fused A fired enamel surface that is even and glossy

Fusing formula Enamels are manufactured in soft-, medium-, and hard-fusing formulas that correspond to the COEs of various metals; for example, medium temperature/medium expansion enamels are formulated for fine silver, gold, and copper

Holding agent An organic binder that helps adhere enamel powder to metal; Klyr-Fire is a common holding agent that is water soluble and is typically applied with a brush or diluted with distilled water and applied as a spray

Mesh A number indicating the coarseness of the particles in powdered enamels; low mesh numbers are coarser than high mesh numbers

Opaque Colors that are not transparent; it is not necessary to wash opaque enamels before using them

Orange peel A surface finish that occurs as enamel softens during firing and begins to fuse, creating a texture that resembles the skin of an orange

Sugar coat The texture of the enamel within the first minute of firing before the glass softens

Transparent Enamel colors can add visual depth to a piece
Enamel Safety Basics
When you're working with enamels:
• Wear a dust mask.
• Do not touch your eyes, nose, mouth, or other sensitive areas.
• Wear fire-retardant gloves or mitts when loading and unloading the kiln.
• Follow the manufacturer's instructions for operating your kiln.
• When using a fiberglass brush, brush enameled surfaces underwater and avoid skin contact.
• Use an alundum stone underwater.
• Consult your local hazardous waste center for proper glass-disposal methods.

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