EnchantedAmulet's Shop Announcement

If you believe that YOU create your own reality, then why not create a magical life? Wear Enchanted Amulets to attract love, peace, blessings... your belief is your reality.

Enchanted Amulets are powerful tools in attracting your desires and achieving your goals. They mark your intention, set your focus, keep you on track, and remind you to be grateful. Some of the most popular Enchanted Amulets are for:

There is nothing more powerful than your own beliefs. An Enchanted Amulet is set with a powerful vibration that projects your personal meanings. Does the color of money remind you of prosperity? Do roses mean romance? Does a Bumble Bee bring to mind the "sweet life" or teamwork, or productivity? YOU decide.

Let me create for you, your own, personal Enchanted Amulets - as wearable Art, magical jewelry, handcrafted with the natural materials of your choice: precious and semiprecious gemstones, pure raw metals, and blessed crystals.

Each piece is absolutely one of a kind. Custom creations are at no extra charge. Let me know what you love and I'll make it.

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