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Enchanted Hearth Realistic Lifesize Adult & Child FAIRY WINGS. Custom Tailored Handmade Earthy and Etheric Costume FAIRY WINGS for Faerie Queens, Goddesses, Fae Folk and other Nature Beings, they can go with any costume!!! I have been making these for over 19 years here in Oregon, USA. I believe costumes let us express our inner spirit and aura. These wings are comfortable to wear all day long frolicking at any event.

My handmade wings are special!! There are no shoulder straps to deal with. The brace hides down inside you clothing against you back and the elastic ties around your chest just under the bust line against your skin. The two wires "POP" up out of the neckline of your clothing and the wings hang freely down from the wire. It looks like the wings are growing right out of your back. They are super light and flow with you when you move and dance.

Please browse through my Enchanted Hearth store and enjoy the Enchanted Costume Fairy Wings for Adults and Kids in many shapes, sizes and colors. These wings can be custom tailored for weddings, renaissance festivals and faerie balls and other events. It is truly amazing to see so many lovely people in fairy wings, thank you for the pictures! So many kinds of occasions and festivals to dress up and wear wings!

Faeries in a circle round
Touch the sky and touch the ground.
Feel the magic; hear the beat
Dance the rhythm with your feet.

I can make wings in almost any color, shape or size. I use high quality bridal fabrics. Mostly Organza’s with color texture and sparkles in a Rainbow of colors and a wide selection of beautiful and unique sheer fabrics that will make great wings, so if you have a color in mind, I may be able to create a custom pair of really special amazing wings just for you.

I am constantly hunting for beautiful unique organza's, laces, embroidered sheers printed sheers, and other fabulous fabrics to create one of a kind works of art. My stock of fabrics is ridiculously HUGE, So if you have a color tone in mind, please let me know, it is a pleasure to create Special Wings!

You pick the color thread I use around the edge of the wings and for veins when ordered.
I handcraft each pair with lots of love and care.


(These take about 3-4 weeks to make CUSTOM; I do keep some ready to ship in stock.)

PIXIE (XS): $40.00 (27” long by 26” wide)

TINKERBELL (S) $50.00 (36 long by 34” wide)

LIFESIZE (M) $65.00 (44” long by 42” wide)

MOONBEAM (XL) $85.00 (56” long by 48” wide)

(4-6 weeks to have made)
LARGE DRAGON FAIRY WINGS WITH VEINS (2 wire wings): $225.00.00
DRAGONFLY WINGS (4 wire wings): $200.00
DRAGONFLY WINGS WITH VEINS $275.00.00 for large, $250.00 for small

AIRBRUSHED: $400.00-$900.00 for airbrushed wings. Any size (8-12 weeks)

I handcraft each pair with lots of love and care. Each pair is cut by hand. When I make a custom shape I draw the wings right on the fabric. If veins are part of the design, I draw them also with a special tailors chalk that disappears when you iron it. I roll hem the edge of the wings and the veins into the wings. They make a lovely house decoration on a wall, tucked behind a mask or a picture. They will hold up to many fun days and nights of frolicking and fun!!!!



As part of my passion for sewing and love of the earthly, Fae Folk and other Nature Beings, I make Fairy Gowns, Skirts, Bodices with Split Skirts, Custom Earthy and Etheric Outfits, Clothing for Festivals, Weddings and Rituals.

~~~~~~~~~ Here are a few items I love making, email for pictures. ~~~~~~~~


FAERIE QUEEN GOWNS: $285.00 (You pick three colors, I need you measurements) 6-8 weeks.

EMPIRE WAIST GOWNS: $285.00 (12 weeks)

GODDESS GOWNS: (long medieval sleeves): $195.00 (6 weeks)
The goddess gowns are a full 7 yards with long bell shaped medieval sleeves. These are perfect for Renaissance weddings or Ritual Gowns
(Custom Gowns Are Priced By Per Hour Labor and Materials, Free Quote)

FAIRY SKIRTS: (2-LAYERS) $50.00, each additional layer is $15.00.
I often make these with an opaque under-layer and then add sheer layers on top alternating points of squares, the more layers the more points and fluff. Elastic waistband.

WOOL CLOAKS: $350.00 (4 panel, fully lined, full hood, with trim and arm slits)
I have a local Pendleton wool mill outlet a few towns away, I love to buy 100 % Pendleton wool fabric and make really warm, heavy fantastic cloaks with beautiful trims up both sides and around the hood. These are perfect for men and woman.

For pictures price quotes and to order from me:
Please message me in my ETSY.COM store,

To place an order, contact me with color, size, style and shape. I will email you back to confirm the order. Then to complete the order, send payment in full. Once I have payment I will start on your wings. All orders are no refunds, no returns, and no exchanges.

I also have a full time day job so please understand my limited time on evenings and weekends to answer mail, but I will respond within a few days

Enchanted Hearth Wing Directions:

The metal wire BRACE with the elastic ties hides down inside the back of your clothing with the elastic tied around your body. The fabric part of the wings, hangs freely down from the wire sticking out of the neckline of your top.

Directions: The butterfly shaped wire brace slides down inside the clothing at the top back of your garment. The horsehair braid casing is on the backside of the wings, so be sure you put the brace in so that the horsehair casing is to back. Slide the brace down inside the back of clothing until the fabric wing part meets the top back edge of your clothing and the fabric wings are hanging freely outside of your clothes. Then tie the elastic around your body. If you are wearing a bra, put the brace down inside the bra strap for added support. From below the area of the bra strap pull the elastic around your body and tie it in a bow (use a bow, knots are hard to get out of the elastic), or you can use a safety- pin the elastic together. If the wings are tucked to far down into the clothing, move the brace higher up on your back. The wire should all be hidden down inside the back edge of your clothing so that the fabric wings will hang freely outside your costume.

I find that a racer back jogging bra is best for holding the brace in place for dancing and riding a bike.

You can take the wings off and put them on anytime without needing to disturb your costume, just untie and slip them up and out of your clothing. Roll them up for travel. You can bend the wire to adjust the shape.

For sensitive skin and children please put a layer of cloth and or clothing between the wire and the back. I recommend a layer of clothing like a slip or t-shirt between the brace and the back.

My unique brace design has wire only along the top edge of the wings. This allows you to sit comfortably while wearing the wings. Please supervise children wearing or playing with these costume wings.

Bright Sparkles and Happy Blessings,

Lady Tailor of the Faeries

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