EncrazedCrafts' Shop Announcement

After spending several months in torch-lit caves avoiding Creepers and Zombies, we're finally climbing out of our hand-made summit of awesome. Minecraft sort of, I'll go with 'distracted' ( yay! air quotes!) us for awhile there, and by-golly it did not disappoint. Heck, we're still happily addicted! But during our travels and constructions we have concocted a batch of items that are sure to warm your little hearts and tickle your funny bone. We don't want to throw them out all at once, but rest assured my friends, things are going to get fun.

Take your time! Shop around! We insist ^_^

If you don't mind mostly gaming related blurbs from whatever we are playing at the time (currently got a weekly Minecraft Monday post goin' on!) feel free to check out our blog at: http://encrazedcrafts.wordpress.com/

Stay awhile, and listen!