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Love and Light from my heart to yours!
Rev. Eva Marquez

About : Rev. Eva Marquez is a Soul Healer. She works with her soul family, a group of guides called the Lights of the Universe. The Lights of the Universe are higher dimensional beings originating from various star nations.

Eva’s mission in this lifetime is to assist lightworkers/starseeds in their awakening process. To assist them to heal on all levels, understand their pain, their confusion on why they are here, and help them to remember who they are and what their mission is.

Eva’s hope and desire is to show you that it is blissfully beautiful to be different as well as incredibly important to be here at this time and consciously participate in this exciting time of transition. As a Soul Healer, Eva can see where your soul has been and where it supposed to go. Eva speaks the Language of Light and combines it with her natural psychic and healing abilities to assist you to heal and be whole.