Why Engineered Jewelry Was Started

From friends I have living overseas, I first heard of the horrible reality of human sex trafficking. After a while, I could no longer stand by and do nothing. I learned how this is going on even in the United States. My husband and I have been involved with multiple groups that are working to end human sex trafficking. Several times it felt like there was nothing we could do to help. That is when we started making jewelry to help raise money for one of the groups that is no longer in existence. I kept making jewelry, but I had no where to sell it. That is when was introduced to Etsy.

Next thing I knew I had a shop. With some time and effort the shop has grown. All of the proceeds are donated to a group that is close to building a safe home in St. Louis for girls under 18 who have been trafficked. I know from being a volunteer with another group that tries to help the sexually exploited to leave the lifestyle they are currently in, that helping people who have been abused this way is a long process that is difficult and dark, but that only emphasizes the true need to do this work.
owner, designer, maker
I have a wonderful husband. We live in one of the suburbs in St. Louis. By day I am a Metallurgical Engineer. I love to travel. I enjoy also swimming, hiking, and our salt water aquarium.