EntwinedSpirits' Shop Announcement

I love making bags, pouches, soft baskets and accessories from "chiengora" or cat and dog hair.
For the most part, our animal friends are furry. As a knitter with a weakness for soft fibre, I consider dog and cat hair an unrecognized treasure. Properly prepared it can be turned into an exquisite, luxurious yarn. Once knit, pet hair blooms or develops a fuzzy halo surrounding it. Each individual animal's hair is unique.

I handspin and handknit this pet fibre to create my bags,baskets and other creations.

It has been said that an item made from a natural material holds the energy or spirit of the original material. For example a wooden box, holds the energy of the tree from which it was made. I like to think these chiengora creations hold the spirit of the dog or cat who provided the fibre.

I also work as a holistic veterinarian, thus my life is closely entwined with animals.

I know the delight and joy our animal companions bring to our lives. I also know the heartbreak when we have to say good-bye to these wonderful friends.

My passion is making custom creations to honour a special pet. Please convo me if you would like something made from your own cat or dog's fibre.

Please visit my blog at for more info and stories about some of the animals in my life.