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Welcome to Epic Beeswax, the loving home of truly epic beeswax candles! My candles are always handcrafted using organic, 100% pure beeswax cappings, the best beeswax on Earth.

At Epic Beeswax, I make the very best bees wax candles you can buy. As an organic beekeeper and an expert beeswax chandler, I have spent a great deal of my life learning to master the finer details of my natural and organic beekeeping and my candle making practices.

Everything you see in my shop is lovingly and painstakingly handcrafted by me. I do this so that I can maintain strict quality control over everything that is Epic Beeswax.

If you have any questions, comments, custom order requests, or if I can be of any help at all, please let me know. I am always here to serve you.

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My name is Brian Peck and I proudly craft my candles using only the finest and highest quality 100% pure Canadian beeswax cappings, which I professionally clean in house.

Epic Beeswax Candles are smokeless, and dripless. Almost all of my candles are essentially maintenance-free! These truly are some of the very best bees wax candles in the entire world. At Epic Beeswax, I make the very best beeswax candles you can buy. An expert in the art of bees wax candle making, I have spent many years learning to master the finer points of making truly awesome beeswax and absolutely epic beeswax candles.

My not-so-secret secret to crafting Epic Beeswax candles is simple. My wax is superior. After all, the value of a highest quality wax cannot be understated. The higher the quality of the wax, the better and easier the candle will burn. A clean beeswax will always make beeswax candles that are brighter and easier to burn than any beeswax candle that is crafted from any other beeswax, bar none. Lower quality beeswax candles need a lot of care. They may even smoke or require chunks of wax to be added as they burn. My candles are smokeless and are practically effortless to care for. If you would like to learn more about my wax or my candles, please read this entire notification. Thanks!

I maintain strict quality control over everything that is Epic Beeswax. Each and every Epic Beeswax candle is hand-poured, hand-dipped, or handcrafted by me. My name is Brian Peck and I proudly craft my candles using only the finest and highest quality cappings beeswax, which I professionally clean in house. Epic Beeswax Candles are smokeless, and practically dripless. Almost all of my candles are essentially maintenance-free! These truly are some of the very best bees wax candles on the entire planet.

I cannot make the best candles without using the best wick. After all, the wick is the backbone of the candle and carries the lifeblood, the molten wax fuel, to the flame. Atkins And Pearce square braided, organic cotton wicks are specially designed for use in beeswax candles. This superior wick is the only wick that is designed to curl as it burns, greatly improving candle performance, convecting the liquid wax fuel to the flame more efficiently and effectively than any other wick. In combining my wax with this wick, I have created the Mount Olympus of beeswax candles, known as Epic Beeswax candles.

What Is Cappings Grade Beeswax? Ah, now that is a good question.
First we need to know where wax comes from. Honeybees produce hundreds of thousands of freshly minted sheets of beeswax throughout the honey season. The hard, white sheets of wax are extruded from small glands on the belly of the female bees. After being chewed and softened, they are ready for use to build their honeycomb palace.
Now, get this. After filling each hexagonal honeycomb cell with liquid honey, the bees seal it with a protective wax cap created solely from the newly produced sheets of wax. We call this wax cap its capping. Every capping is crafted by the bees using these tiny and freshly minted beeswax sheets. Cappings grade beeswax is gathered by the beekeeper throughout the year and kept separate from older sources of beeswax which are darker in color and of comparably poor quality. This is why cappings grade beeswax is so much better than any other grade. It is new and it is clean.

I only harvest a couple pounds of cappings grade beeswax from each hive per year. Unfortunately, I simply do not have enough hives to produce the amount of beeswax that I sell every year. I purchase the remainder of our wax from other beekeepers and clean it myself, in-house.

My wax is perfectly clean and and burns beautifully. But, not all wax is the same. Avoid purchasing brownish beeswax or beeswax candles at all costs. Brown beeswax does not come from buckwheat honey or any other exotic honey. I have personally had my bees feed on fields of buckwheat. Believe me, buckwheat honey is black, but the wax is orange, once it is cleaned by me. Brown and black bees waxes are low quality waxes that make very low quality candles. Brown wax can only come from three possible situations or sources:
1. Dirty old black brood comb containing dozens (possibly hundreds) of chemicals,
2. Beeswax that has been burnt due to poor processing,
3. Or by staining, which is the result of using iron equipment to improperly process the wax.

Insist on cappings grade beeswax candles.
Since cappings grade beeswax is freshly and constantly created by the bees during the honey season, it has not been soiled with dirt or chemical residues. Old combs are brown to black in color. They contain the residue of hundreds of chemicals from numerous sources including bee medications and environmental toxins and other contaminants. The brownish color of a natural, uncolored beeswax candle is a telltale sign of this source and quality of bees wax. Old beeswax combs have copious amounts of microscopic dirt in them which clogs the wick and prevents the flow of the liquid wax fuel from reaching the candle flame. A clogged wick starves the flame of fuel and snuffs the life from the candle.
Candles crafted from this inferior beeswax will always require a larger size of wick in order to burn. The enlarged wick can absorb more dirt than its smaller counterpart. If these dark colored candles were crafted with the same small wick that lies at the heart of our candles they would, at best, burn extremely poorly. They would begin to show signs of fuel shortage, and would act as if the candle flame was suffocating. The size of the flame would continually shrink. Finally, clogged full of tiny dirt particles, the fiber capillaries of the wick simply cannot provide enough liquid wax to the flame and with a puff of black smoke the candle flame is dead.

What is the dusty film on my candle? What is bloom?
At first glance it looks like a layer of dust, but bloom is not dirt or dust. Bloom is a naturally forming white film that appears only on the surface of pure beeswax candles.
Bloom is a beautiful gift from nature. It is absolute proof of bees wax purity. If a beeswax candle does not show bloom, it is definitely far from pure. Some chandlers add paraffin to their bees wax in order to eliminate the bloom, while greatly increase their profits through deceit. I strongly oppose this practice.
My candles are 100% pure and bloom heavily. My bees wax candles and will show a thin layer of bloom within a couple days after I craft them.
Although I love bloom, I also understand that most of my customers prefer the shiny and new appearance of a freshly made candle. If your candle has started to bloom before I ship, I will remove the bloom by gently buffing the candle with a soft clean cloth. You can use the same practice at home to easily remove the bloom from your bee wax candles.

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