Handcrafted Silver & Lampwork Glass Jewellery

My brightly lit studio has windows on all sides, overlooking the garden & surrounding countryside
Pure silver ArtClay creations taking shape on my workbench
Our garden in springtime, seen from my studio window
Some of my handmade lampwork glass beads - I have SO many, I no longer make them!
In my spare time I am a church organist, and a piano accompanist for brass and woodwind solo musicians

Making jewellery is my obsession!

Hi! My name is Erika, and my passion for jewellery making began at Art College over 30 years ago. Back then, silversmithing jobs were in short supply, and poorly paid, so I changed tack and joined what was then the fledgling IT industry. This proved much more lucrative, and eventually I was in a position to give up my business career and return to what I enjoy doing most, designing and handcrafting one-off & limited edition jewellery. Since 2008 I have donated all my profits to charity

I work from a spacious studio above our garage, with views of the garden and beautiful rural English countryside beyond that never fail to provide inspiration. Mind you, I have far more ideas in my head than I will ever make in my lifetime! I do absolutely everything myself - designing, making, photography, packing, marketing, admin and so on - and I only wish there were more hours in a day! I frequently lose all track of time, totally engrossed in my work

Most of my jewellery is specially commissioned, usually through word-of-mouth recommendations, and many of my customers have supported me from the very beginning. I work primarily with lampwork glass & sterling silver, though I'm always trying out new techniques & materials so my benches are invariably covered in my different experiments and half-finished projects. I'm also a hoarder, and obsessed with glass of all kinds - I love Victorian scent bottles and 19th century glass apothecary jars, and have a huge collection of vintage rhinestones!

Since I started selling online in 2001, my jewellery has sold all over the world. I discovered Etsy by chance in early 2008, while looking for glass making supplies, and opened my first shop here soon after. During 2013 I opened a second Etsy shop,, for my new range of vintage inspired pieces, which I make with specimen jewels from my collection. A selection of my work is available from Things British at St Pancras London and from Keith Gordon the Jeweller, Ashwell, Herts, and also on the exclusive websites Uniquely UK and Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous

The love of my life is Barry, my long-suffering soulmate husband, and I am so grateful to him for supporting me, and to all of my wonderful customers for enabling me to do what I love while raising money for charity

Thank you all so much for your continued support, I hope you enjoy my creations!
Erika ♥
owner, maker, designer
Self employed handcrafter of one-off & limited edition lampwork glass & sterling silver jewellery. My incredibly supportive husband subsidises me (what a hero!) enabling me to be a full-time jewellery maker and also donate all my profits to charity