EthicallyEngineered's Shop Announcement

**4/27/2015. 100% profits go to friend Dipak Adhikari's sherpa community hurt by earthquake thru 5/2. Coupon code NEPAL = free shipping

Head on over to EE's Facebook page to view the new California State Flag Soap and The City of New Orleans Municipal Flag Soaps. Hit the convo button to inquire about pre-ordering. Hop on over to our Facebook Page to find out more about ways to save and ways to save the bio-sphere. You'll also find out about new listings, eco-living and wellness tips and get early heads up on exclusive sales! Http://

We also offer expedited shipping for an additional cost of $2.00. If you would like this service, please write a note in the Message to Seller when you check out. We will send you an updated invoice from PayPal for the additional service.

Do you live in the City of Chicago and want to take advantage of our Carbon Neutral bicycle delivery for your Gift Shop or Natural Food Store? Convo us. We like to chat.

At Chicago's own Ethically Engineered our goal is to produce products with a complete ecological rotation perspective. From the construction of our products, to the ingredients, to the packaging that is discarded after it's use, this company works to ensure a viable and sustainable product with little to no impact on the bio-sphere.

--MartyPowerJazz says:

We visited Chicago recently, and while in a (National Health Food Store) I did my usual check of shaving products. I decided to pick up a round (of Razors Edge Vegan Shaving Soap), and I have to tell you it's as good as anything I've ever tried. That's saying something, since I've used Art of Shaving, Truefitt and Hill, Col. Conk and more...Now, when PRICE is considered, your product is far ahead in the race - there's no reason to dump a ton of money on an upscale (read: uber-pricey) shaving soap when the same quality is available for less than $10.

--MexicanOnAMotorcycle says:

Not only is Jack a super-nice guy, he is very particular about the ingredients he sources and the process involved in formulating his body care products. From powering his operation via solar power, to using palm oil that has no impact on the rainforest, to biking orders to their place of shipment. While visiting in Chicago, I had the opportunity to visit Ethically Engineered and was impressed by the amount of thought and dedication put into the products.