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BABY rudraksha beads are back in stock, along with LIMITED strands of TINY turquoise rondelle beads! GENUINE HERKIMER diamonds are back and they are GORGEOUS this year! Spring marks the traditional beginning of the wedding season - the icy-cool glimmer of organic Herkimers will look HOT at wrist, earlobe, and throat! My price and shipping fees for these AUTHENTIC Herkimers are some of the lowest on Etsy - LIMITED!

EthnicBeadShop ranks 294th *** among the thousands of supply sellers on Etsy! This is an AMAZING privilege for such a small shop operated by one person to experience ...thank you for appreciating my beads. :)
***per CraftCount (03/29/2015)

REMINDER: My items are LIMITED - placing them into your cart does not save/reserve them. When they sell out, they will DISAPPEAR from your cart. Purchase ASAP to avoid disappointment! :)

This is going to be an exciting year here at EthnicBeadShop - I've introduced (3) NEW, responsibly-sourced bead lines to my shop, including Kazuri, Samunnat, and Okawa beads, am still in the process of listing (60+) "new" antique French and Venetian seed bead colors, (6) Japanese seed bead colors, and(17+) picasso styles of 4mm, faceted Czech glass beads, and of course, the Herkimers are here, perfectly timed to meet your Spring wedding needs!

I'd like you to be part of this.

My newsletter, EthnicBeadUnique's first edition is scheduled to go out in early 2015.
An EASY way to sign up: go to my "About" page ( ) and click the blue term "Shop Blog".
I also want to inform you when sales are occurring and when coupons are available. Most of all, I want to provide a bimonthly* connection between like-minded bead lovers. Hope to see you there. :)
* every 2 months...

UPDATE: I am not able to offer HOLDS, RESERVES or COMBINE ORDERS at this time, due to personal time constraints and room for error, my apologies! Please take this into consideration before purchasing, thanks!

NOTE: If your Treasury convo to me is PROMOTIONAL in any way (includes links to your FB, blogs, etc) I will simply delete it. I'm an "Old School" Etsian and believe that Treasuries are not created to be personal advertisement tools.

UPDATE: Many countries - such as the UK - tax steeply. Please be aware of your country's tax requirements PRIOR to purchase to avoid frustration. I have no control over tax requirements on my end.

NOTE: If you have a question or concern, please contact me via CONVO, NOT email. I may not see your request and/or concern in my mailbox. Thanks!

NOTE: If you need me to alter your Etsy address, please contact me right away via CONVO only. I am unable to change your address via email request due to personal time constraints, margin for error, etc. I cannot provide refunds for orders shipped to an incorrect address.

Yes, Etsy is playing with our shipping profiles again...which is why you can't see my "with another item" shipping fees. Although I have several shipping profiles (due to different bead weights) my most regularly used profile (for seed beads, etc.) is here:
U.S.A : ship fee: $2.19, with another item: $0.20
Canada: ship fee: $6.44, with another item: $0.25
Everywhere Else: ship fee: $6.44, with another item: $0.62

NOTE: if you want a PAPER RECEIPT, please let me know in the comment section of your order - in an effort to save resources, I no longer include a paper receipt with your order, unless you request it. A printable version is always available via email and in your Etsy account. Thanks!

COUPON CODES: I have none at this time, since that would involve raising the prices of the beads themselves.
Crave a discount? Please let me know in the COMMENT section when you purchase and I will figure something out then. :)

My responsibly sourced recycled glass, ceramic, and polymer clay beads are purchased from businesses whose ethical production methods can be traced straight to the Artisans themselves. These organizations choose to follow a strict code of ethics in regards to social responsibility and have taken transparent steps to provide their Artisans with a healthy, safe, work environment, fair wages, and legal hours in which to work, creating products using environmentally respectful methods of production.
Currently, my Responsibly Sourced beads are obtained from Soul of Somanya, a tiny, non-profit agency based in Ghana, West Africa and Mobile, Alabama, eShopAfrica, a fair trade export company based in Accra, Ghana, West Africa, Kazuri Beads, a fair trade export company based in Kenya, Africa, Okawa Beads, a tiny non-profit agency based in Namibia Africa and Samunnat Beads, a fair trade company based in Nepal.

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