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EtsyFranstuff is taking a short break.

I am going to have to take a break to deal with some family emergencies and illnesses. Will be back when I have my world back under control. Thanks, Fran

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EtsyFranstuff's Shop Announcement

Thanks for stopping by my little shop! I want all of my customers to be happy. I want my treasures to be treasured, so I always describe my treasures well and take lots of pictures. When I sell something that belonged to my parents or step parents I imagine them smiling when you smile as you open your package. I want to spread joy and good will, so if you are unhappy for any reason, please let me know so we can fix things so you'll be happy.

I tend to list things in groups, so if I start listing patterns, I list a bunch of them so you will have lots to choose from. Patterns happen to be what I am working on right now, a long with a few other odds and ends.

I seem to have an amazing knack for finding cool stuff. I think I inherited this knack from my parents, who also had this knack, and now I also have inherited all of the cool stuff they found. When I find something really cool, or a really cool deal, and especially a really cool deal on something really cool, I just can't resist! Whether it's vintage kitsch, beads or a metal box, (did I mention how much I LOVE boxes?) if I can afford it, it comes home with me.

Along with loving boxes of almost any kind, I LOVE shelves, especially wooden shelves, be it beautiful, kitschy, or industrial, if I can hang it on the wall, I LOVE it. I have a MEGA thing for buttons of all types, jewelry and all things involved in making it, FABRIC, oh how I LOVE fabric, I really admire new fabric, but I have this eco thing going that makes me especially love vintage or rescued fabrics of any age. Oh how I love fabric....did I mention vintage sheets? Some of the coolest fabric around is in the form of vintage sheets and other old linens.

Patterns....I adore vintage patterns, and have quite a collection of new ones too. I love the graphics, and the styles, and I am finally getting to be a good enough seemstress to be learning to grade these inevitably too small for me patterns into something I can wear. Cool, huh? I'm only beginning on this journey, and certainly am not good enough to grade a pattern to someone else, but I will get there.

Really I love ANYTHING sewing related! Especially Singer Sewing Machine Co. related, although I certainly don't discriminate! (I used to be a Singer snob, but I have since learned the wonders of other brands of vintage sewing machines.) I have several sewing machines, and lots of goodies to go with them. Oh, and don't forget BOOKS, or porcelain, kitchen collectibles, celluloid....the list goes on.

I am also a maker of many things. I don't do so well with knitting, but I haven't given up yet, and there is hardly a craft I haven't tried, or at least wanted to try, probably bought the supplies to do it too! I am also an avid upcycler and recycler, of anything I can possibly thing of something to do with.

Do you get the idea from all of this that I just have too much stuff? I have so much stuff I have a hard time finding room to create. So, hard as it may be, I am parting with some of my goodies. Eventually I would like to get my collections under control enough to be able to share some of my art with you. In the mean time, the only thing more fun than finding something I love, is helping someone else find something they love.

I want all of my customers to be happy. I want my treasures to be treasured, so I always describe my treasures well and take lots of pictures.

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