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A past customer sent this message to me in November... "I bought play food from you in 2013..the kids have played with it all day today and it still looks BEAUTIFUL. They are using the play food to "feed" their Build-a-bear toys..and I will tell you..we have the Build-a-Bear brand play food that is soft as well. It has not seen hardly any play and is ripped in three places! Yours looks brand new."

This is what a recent buyer had to say about her purchase from EvaLauryn on September 20, 2013: "I ordered a variety of felt food from you back in 2010 when I set up my daughter's play kitchen and several years later everything is still just as beautiful as the day I received it. We live in Boulder, CO and I was heartbroken to find many of the pieces floating in the water that flooded our home in last week's storm. I thought I would have to throw it all away but decided to at least try washing it first. I washed everything in a lingerie bag in HOT water (because the flood water was contaminated). It came out beautifully! You would never even know that things had been damaged or washed.

Thank you for making such beautiful items, and for making them so carefully that they withstood a 500 year flood."

I cannot take any more orders promised for a Christmas delivery. Please feel free to look around and go ahead and place orders for after Christmas. I do offer gift certificates in the amounts of $25.00, $40.00, $50.00 and $100.00. I have a few items that are finished and ready for shipment; if you are interested please do a search within my shop for Ready Made and all of the items I have for immediate shipment will appear on that search page. Thanks for understanding! (Posted on 11/23/15 at 7:00 p.m.)

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This is what one of my customers had to say on 4/18/12:
"I love the pieces I bought from you some months back...I can't help but return for more!! :) Oh all of my friends are jealous and ooh and ahh over your felt food, they are such pieces of art! The kids are less critical of course but I have bought these items as much for myself as for them. Thanks again for a great product! Worth paying for and worth waiting for!! :)"

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Learning through Imitation... Tools that encourage children to learn through play! Set the stage for your child and her friends with my life-like play food! Lovingly hand-crafted by me using only the finest materials available, the highest quality wool felt, fillings and a cotton thread that surpasses ordinary embroidery floss for strength, endurance and beauty. Each piece is crafted with care and attention to the smallest detail. Give them the gift of imagination and watch with delight as they play "mommy," "daddy," or a chef they've seen on television by serving up their favorite dishes to their favorite people!

All items are handmade after purchase or made to order... Contrary to Etsy's default formatting of "Only 1 available" there is nothing available for immediate shipment.

My play food is all handmade and made only by myself; I can only make so many pieces each day and they all take a great deal of time. I appreciate all of my wonderful customers so much for their understanding and patience in waiting to receive their orders. Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for understanding!

At times I have removed my items from view in order to catch up on orders... but I don't really want to do that because so many people just enjoy browsing and they cannot do that in my shop if my items are deactivated. Therefore, I am going to keep everything listed but "please" be aware of the time frame for completion of items before ordering anything! As of today, 9/21/13, I am beginning to get caught up and anything ordered at this time probably has a turnaround time of 8 to 10 weeks Thanks!

On many of my play food items, I will use some form of reinforcement to give the items more stability and form. This of course adds to the expense of an item but it is well worth the difference in price.

For your convenience, I have attached a link to my items sold photo gallery. Most of my items remain listed but there may be a few items that I have made in the past that I do not have re-listed at this time. Please feel free to inquire about anything you see that interests you: http://www.etsy.com/shop/EvaLauryn/sold.

Questions and Answers:

Question: How do I choose which felt is best?
Answer: The answer I give to this is based solely on my own opinion and also depends upon your own perspective. I suppose there are differing ideas of being environmentally responsible in regard to felt. Some believe that the acrylic craft felt which is made from recycled plastic bottles is the best choice for the environment. My own opinion of this type of felt is that it is "not" at all that environmentally friendly because of the manufacturing processes to break down the bottles and then to produce the acrylic felt. The argument is that it is saving the planet from all of these bottles ending up in our landfills. There are so many other products made from these plastic bottles that I don't think we need to worry about them filling our landfills, they are being recycled for other things already. And because the acrylic felt is so inferior to a high quality, long lasting wool felt, it is going to end up in a landfill soon anyway and it will not be as biodegradable as wool felt. The acrylic felt does not cut or stitch as nicely as wool felt. It gets needle holes very easily. Remember those drawing boards that contained pieces of magnetic chips that you moved around with a magnetic wand to make hair and beards on a face? That is sort of how the acrylic felt is to work with... when a needle is inserted into it, it often wants to crumble or separate at the needle insertion point. Think about it... it is just ground up plastic pieces molded together. It just cannot hold the stitches the way a good wool felt can. Seams will pull apart more easily, it stretches out of shape easily too. And then there is pilling, those pesky little balls like those on knit material. Also the acrylic felt attracts hair, pet hair, dust, lint, etc. much more so than a good wool felt. This makes your play food items old and ratty looking too soon. I'm sure that this type of felt is a good choice for some projects but I don't think play food is one.

While there are a few other felt choices that are better than acrylic craft felt, I don't think think there is any felt better than 100% wool felt. However, even among all the choices of 100% wool felt, there are some better than others. I'm told that it is in the processing method which determines the look and texture of the wool felt. Because it is a 100% sustainable fiber, I think it makes for the best choice for your play food items, environmentally and aesthetically speaking. I've purchased just about all of the wool blends and 100% wools available and I use what I believe to be the best choice... it stitches like a dream, cuts smoothly, will hold its shape and it does not attract all the hair, dust, lint, etc. like the acrylic felt. And... only 100% wool is anti-bacterial and mold and dust mite resistent. I hope this answers your questions about the difference between the two types of felt. If not, please send me a message and I will try to answer your question.

Question: What items are best suited for my 1 year old?
Answer: For starters, playfood is an excellent choice for this age because food is one of the first things a baby learns about and begins to identify. There are many good choices to choose from too. For this young age you don't want any small pieces, therefore I think the larger pieces of fruits and vegetables are a great way to begin your playfood collection. Choosing a nice variety of these items will help teach your baby his colors, shapes, language skills and coordination. By the time he is old enough for the more detailed sets of playfood, you will already have his "market place" items purchased! As with all toys, children should always be monitored when playing to prevent accidents.

EvaLauryn reserves the right to cancel an order "if" the shipping cost far exceeds that which has been charged. (This has never happened, but for instance, if I have charged $8.00 shipping to an unknown, far away destination and the cost turns out to be $30.00 or some other amount that far exceeds what I have charged. If this were to happen, your payment will be instantly refunded to your Pay Pal account.) Thanks for understanding this!

The wool felt used in my shop comes from Europe, meeting/exceeding their Safety Standards for children's items. European Safety Standards are long-established, strict guidelines for, among other things, the level of safety in items made for use by children. Rest assured, this felt is not processed with harsh chemicals or toxins. Just because a wool felt is called "merino" wool felt does not mean that it is all equal... it depends on how it was processed, and it can be over-processed I'm told, making it very scratchy. My merino wool felt has the nicest look and feel than all the other choices out there and I believe that I've tried them all.

♥ I am now offering Gift Certificates in four different values, $25, $40, $50 & $100. These will be available year round for your gift giving pleasure. I do ship internationally.

Play food items are usually always completed in the order of purchase. However, I do try to accommodate rush orders when I possibly can as I understand last minute gift ideas. Also when I am working on an order of multiple items for one person, I will sometimes slip in a single item so that another customer is not waiting too long on one simple piece of play food. Hand stitching is time consuming and I do take my time on each piece to maintain a high level of quality. I appreciate your patience and understanding of the time it takes to complete your order.

If there is an item you are interested in but you do not see it listed in my shop, please ask as I might have a photo of one I have previously sold that I could show to you.

Many thanks to all of my wonderful customers these past six years, I value each and every one of you. I am forever amazed at the loveliness of Etsy members and the team who work at Etsy!!! I absolutely love Etsy!

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