Experimetal's Shop Announcement

Sept. 21.
"I currently am not taking any special orders or custom work"

2015 Earring-a-Day Challenge: as you can see I have fallen behind quite a bit, but I intend to catch up slowly, I am not giving up yet! It has morphed a bit to me making an asymmetric pair, instead of one-a-day. I have gotten so far behind I am trying my hardest to make an asymmetric pair a day so I can catch up! as of today #264, I am only on 135, so, I figure only a mere 129 days behind *cough*... wow how timw flies!
Well I am getting back into the studio, took a wee break to power my creativity up!

I have embarked on a new 365 day challenge this year. I created this personal challenge for myself specifically tailored to keep me creating, working and listing to my Etsy shop. If you know me, you already know I have participated in Ring a day 365, Brooch a day 365. So the problem I have realized with those previous challenges was that I hoarded and squirreled away all the work throughout the year.

So this year, my 2015 challenge is to make one "single" Earring-A-Day (EAD2015), and try my hardest to list them here every day, that is the real true challenge for me.

There is a large number of other participating Etsy jewelers in on this challenge, and this means if you like art and originality there will be a wide variety of Earrings to choose from! These earrings are for the folks who are very unique spirits <3 themselves and love to wear asymmetric earrings!

This endeavor is intended to be a fun, experimental, motivational and creative exercise. Thanks for reading!