Experimetal's Shop Announcement

February 6th

I have embarked on a new 365 day challenge this year. You may notice below the funny numbers all over the place!? Yes it's a bit crazy, but I have a plan! I created this personal challenge for myself specifically tailored to keep me creating, working and listing to my Etsy shop here. If you know me, you already know I have participated in Ring a day, Brooch a day. So the problem I have realized with those previous years is that I *cough* hoarded and squirrel ed away all the work through the year.

The challenge is to make one "single" Earring-A-Day (EAD), and try my hardest to list it here every day, that is the real true challenge for me is the listing part. There is a large number of other participating Etsy jewelers in on this challenge, and this means if you like art and originality there will be a wide variety of Earrings to choose from! This is for the folks who are very unique spirits themselves and love to wear Asymmetrical earrings. But, I am not sure what each individual participants will be offering to do, let's say you want a matching set, you might just ask them to create another for you? I personally will not be offering to duplicate a perfect match, but I would happily make you something that was un-symmetrically-symmetrical to match, just let me know! Oh, one more tidbit, these EAD's I will be listing will more than likely be less than they would retail normally for, be as this is intended to be a fun, creative & experimental exercise ;) Thanks for reading!