ExquisiteObjects' Shop Announcement

ExquisiteObjects features a collection of rare papers, patterns, illustrations, hand sewn fabric items, historic spiritual items, and one of a kind objects that cannot be found anywhere else. Due to the proximity of historic synagogues, churches, printers and fine object makers in New York, ExquisiteObjects is able to feature a curated collection of only the most Exquisite and the most Rarified of vintage and antique materials, objects and beautiful historical artifacts.

The Exquisite Objects Collection Includes:

Vintage and Antique Catholic Prayer Cards, Bronx and Brooklyn, NY
Vintage and Antique Catholic Printed Illustrations, Bronx, NY
Vintage and Antique Yiddish printed material, Lower East Side, NY
Vintage and Antique Hebrew printed material, Lower East Side, NY
Vintage and Antique Hand Embroidered Judaica, Lower East Side, NY
Vintage Hebrew and Yiddish text and lithography plates
Vintage Embossed Paper Hebrew Print Proofs
Vintage Imported Japanese Origami Papers
Vintage and Period Wallpapers
Vintage and Antique Book-Jacket and Endpapers
Vintage Printed Cover Card-stock
Mid Century Printed School Materials
Mid Century American Print Illustration
Mid Century Children's Illustrations
Vintage Assorted European Printed Paper
Vintage European Illustrations
Vintage and Antique Office Paper
Vintage Wallpaper
Vintage Vinyl
Vintage Textbook Illustration and Printed Material
Vintage Encyclopedia Illustration and Printed Material
Vintage Assorted Embossed Papers
VIntage Printed Americana

All ExquisiteObjects Notebooks are:

5.5 inches x 4 inches, ergonomically palm sized.
200 Narrow Ruled, Perforated and Removable Sheets.
Flexible stiff cover with factory-sewn spine.
Non toxic glues.