ExtensionsOf's Shop Announcement

Everything we make, every action we take, and every item that passes through our hands carries energy and story. When something touches our lives, attracts our attention,when we are drawn to something, we have made a connection. When we pass an item on to another, the story and energy has been added to and passed along. The items, the energy, the stories, all becomes an extension of who we are, what we're drawn to.

This shop was created to share art, antiques, and mixed media supplies. I love treasure hunting at junk stores, auctions, estate sales and the likes. I purchase items that speak to me and have good energy. It is fun to imagine their story. I fall a little bit in love with every item I purchase. My hope is they speak to the right person and get purchased by someone who will continue adding to their story.

Pull up a chair. Look around. Questions? Feel free to ask! I thank you for your time and interest in my little section of the common thread. Blessings.

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