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We welcome you to Eyecatchers Luxuries where we offer "Vintage Costume Jewelry and More". Thank you for stopping by. We have many vintage costume jewelry items under $25 to make it easy on your budget along with affordable embellished items unlike anything else on etsy. There are close to items to choose from in this shop. We accept ETSY GIFT CARDS and SHIP WORLDWIDE TOO! specializes in hand crafted one-of-a-kind embellished fiber cuff bracelets and vintage denim vests that you won't find anywhere else on etsy -- at affordable prices. Our hand embellished items are inspired by Victorian style designs with a lot of beading and attention to detail. Each fully lined, embellished vest took an average of over 45 hours to create and many different fabrics, trims and more were used to create their attention-getting looks. Pictures do not do them justice. They're definitely a "must see".

The handcrafted, hand sewn and embellished fiber cuff bracelets we offer are truly beautiful and unique as well. We've looked at thousands of fiber cuff bracelets on etsy and we haven't seen anything quite like ours. We hope they're some of your favorites when you look through them.

Looking for a particular size or type of vintage item? We set out to make it easy for you. is set up by sections so you can browse through all the items we carry in a particular category. You can also search for specific size rings as well. The size is in the item title in increments of 1/4 size such 5.25, 8.75 etc. Put the size in quotes for a more accurate search within our shop. You can search for specific types of items such as solitaire rings or gold bracelets too.

If you have any questions on how to find an item in our shop just send us a convo. Last, if you're looking for a specific item that you can't find in our shop let us know. We have thousands of items that we haven't added to our shop yet and may have what you're looking for.

If you see something you like make it a favorite by clicking the "heart button" or click the green "Add to Cart" button to select an item you want to purchase. You can click "Add to Cart" for as many items as you want to purchase. The etsy software will hold your selections in your cart until you're ready to check out. You can easily remove items from your cart if you change your mind about it.

Also visit our two other etsy shops,, and specializes in "Vintage Jewelry From Days Gone By". The shop currently offers 1,100+ pieces of vintage costume jewelry to choose from. You'll find vintage bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, brooches and fine vintage jewelry.

The shop also has one of the largest selections of vintage butterfly costume jewelry on etsy. There are close to 200 different butterfly pieces. And for a limited time it has vintage costume jewelry lots with items for resale on etsy or another online marketplace. carries “Vintage Rings and Special Things”. It features vintage costume jewelry rings not listed in either of our other shops. And if you love everything vintage, the shop carries vintage postcards and digital scans of vintage images you can use to create products you'd like to sell. will also offer special finds that we come across. is our newest shop that features "Vintage Earrings From Decades Past". The shop specializes in offering all types, styles sizes and colors of vintage costume jewelry earrings. It is set up by sections dedicated to clip earrings, screw back earrings, pierced earrings, hook (dangle) earrings and stud type earrings. You'll find all shapes, sizes, colors and styles of vintage earrings.

While supplies last, we're giving away a stylish FREE fashion scarf with each order totaling $16.50 or more (excluding shipping charges). If your order totals $42.50 or more (excluding shipping charges) we will also give you a FREE contemporary or vintage costume jewelry gift.

With your order you'll also receive an exclusive coupon code good for a full 10% off your orders of $25 or more of vintage costume jewelry* FOR LIFE. The coupon will NEVER EXPIRE. (Please note exclusion details below before ordering). The coupon code will be honored with a vintage costume jewelry order from this shop or our other etsy shops,, and

Make us one of your favorite shops and check back often. We'll be adding wonderful vintage costume jewelry and accessories frequently.

If you see an item you like don't miss out. Ask about setting up an interest free payment plan that will fit with your budget. We can create a payment plan specially for you for any item priced $30 and up. Our goal is to help you own the eyecatching item in our shop that you want to own.

PLEASE NOTE: Since the majority of the items we offer are VINTAGE COSTUME JEWELRY, items described as "silver" or "gold" are short for "silver tone" metal and "gold tone" metal. This will be described as such in the item description. "Copper" is short for "copper tone" unless otherwise indicated as genuine copper. "Pewter" is short for "pewter tone" unless otherwise indicated.

Use of the words "moonstone", "pearl" and the like mean costume jewelry quality and not genuine stones unless otherwise indicated.

Last, if an item is "signed" or "marked" in any way as a brand such as "AVON" or "SARAH COVENTRY", we will put that in the title and description. If no mention is made of a mark then the item is not signed or marked that we can tell from examining the piece.

We want you to be aware of what you are purchasing since we do not want to mislead you in any way. Please take this into account before purchasing any costume jewelry item from our shop.

If an item contains 10KT gold, 14KT gold, 18KT gold, 925 silver, sterling silver, diamonds or the like, this will be indicated in the title and description. You can also tell by the price of our offerings that an item is not genuine silver or gold (unless otherwise indicated as such).


If you need to contact us for any reason, please use etsy's internal convo system. The standard e-mail address that is associated with this account, michael [!at], DOES NOT always work properly and loses e-mails.

The easiest way to reach us is to go to our shop Home Page and click "Contact Shop Owner". Then you can write your convo with any concern, problem with an order, comment or compliment you want to make us aware of.

Sometimes there is a delay in a message coming through, but we have not had a problem thus far with receiving convos through the etsy system. We will respond to your message as quickly as possible. If you are on any listing page you can click the "Ask a Question" button as well to reach us.


The 10% discount code 10FOR LIFE is valid for purchases of vintage costume jewelry orders of $25 or more only. It is not valid on embellished items, jewelry lots, destash, 10KT, 14KT or 18KT gold, ruby or diamond jewelry or 925 silver jewelry. We cannot ship items mentioned in this paragraph or destash items internationally due to high international postage and insurance costs.


If you want your order shipped internationally, please read our policies regarding international orders before placing your order. The policies are outlined under "Shipping and Policies" on any listing page in the "Shipping" section. Feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding an international order.


You could be eligible to receive a FREE GIFT for making a referral to any of our shops. Send us a convo or call Ellen McNeill at 828-681-9688 for details.


If you are a member of any organization or group that does fundraisers -- and you want to refer the group to us for a possible "Virtual Jewelry Party" Fundraiser -- send us an e-mail at our regular e-mail address or call Ellen McNeill at 828-681-9688. We'll give you details on how you could be eligible to receive a $25 shop discount coupon code for FREE.

We specialize in ONLINE jewelry parties.

We now offer an innovative way for you to earn FREE and 1/2 price vintage costume jewelry from any of our shops with an ONLINE jewelry party. "Host a party. Get FREE jewelry."

Here's the way it works:

1. You decide on the dates for your jewelry party ONLINE.

2. We send you a sample e-mail invitation and Face book post you can personalize and e-mail to friends, family, co-workers and others in your contact or friends list.

3. Your invitees order jewelry from and/or using the Hostess coupon code included in the invitation and you get credit for the sale

4. You earn FREE and 1/2 price vintage costume jewelry and more based on total item sales generated during your party dates.

That's all there is to it. Simple, quick and easy. It takes just 2 minutes to get started.


You will still be eligible to purchase items of 1/2 price vintage costume jewelry, and earn contemporary costume jewelry, based on total item sales.

*** NOTE: You DO NOT have to host an ONLINE jewelry party to purchase something from our shops.


We offer layaway and payment plans as are a courtesy we extend to our customers so they are able to purchase an item(s) they want.

There are no refunds given on items that have been purchased on a layaway or payment plan. That's because the item(s) you have purchased has not been available to be purchased by another customer. The item(s) was either marked SOLD or RESERVED or taken out of the shop at the time your layaway or payment plan was set up. This could have resulted in a lost sale of the item(s) to someone else while you were paying off the item(s). For that reason we do not give refunds on item(s) purchased on a layaway or payment plan.

We will allow exchanges or give you a shop credit for the full amount of the purchase price of the item(s) (not including shipping) under certain circumstances at the discretion of the owners.


Since we've had Eyecatchers Luxuries open on etsy for over two years, we thought it was time for a makeover. We have a new look, some new policies and an extra gift for our customers.

Our new look -- that we just love -- was created by Yadira at Lalipops and Daisies. If you need a new banner set, or know of someone who does, please share this link: It goes directly to her shop home page where you'll be able to see what a talented and diverse graphic designer she is. Not only that, she is so sweet and accommodating to work with. The cost for my shop's new look was definitely worth the money. I recommend Yadira without question.

Ellen McNeill (opening 10/01/2015) (opening 10/01/2015)


This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.