Original fine art travel and street photography.

Morocco has proved my favourite place to take pictures, there really is a shot around every corner.
A new batch of zines which I've printed out and am just about to stitch together. This is as good as my sewing gets!
Food is a massively important part of my life (I was a chef many years ago) and shooting in markets is always a treat!
I like to play with Scrabble tiles too!
Good old Ministry of Silly Walks! My most constant best seller right from the very start!

Original Travel and Graffiti Photography.

I run Eyeshoot Photography single handed - I take the pictures, make the smaller prints and larger cards in my home studio and dream up new products and re-invent my images.

I've always taken photos, since receiving my first camera at the age of five - I think (hope?) I've improved since then!

I shoot with a lovely Nikon D300 digital camera now but I also love to use my iPhone - some of my favourite pictures in my shop have, amazingly been shot with this handy piece of kit - who'd have thought that possible a few years ago!

New places are the ultimate location for me, it doesn't have to be foreign and exotic (although that certainly helps) I can get just as excited about visiting a new town here in the UK and even a new season in my own town - wonderful Manchester will bring out new things even around the most familiar corner.

It's generally the everyday and 'mundane' which catch my eye; a row of chairs, a nice door, straight lines, rows, blocks of contrasting colours and textures and of course graffiti which has proved to be my most long lasting and enjoyable on-going project. I am amazed by what I find on walls and how a simple image can be turned into something wonderful!

I am constantly delighted and amazed every single time I make a sale here on Etsy, especially when I see that the print/card/poster will be winging it's way halfway across the world - it makes me happy!

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Sarah Franklin
owner, maker, designer, photographer, editor, printer, packer, poster
EyeshootPhotography uses 3 manufacturers.


  • A Photographic Printing Lab in Didsbury, England, United Kingdom I use this lab to print large prints which I cannot make in my home studio.
  • Professional printers London, England, United Kingdom Some of my older greetings cards have been professionally printed.
  • Printers of fine quality items United States Society 6 print designs to order in small quantities on bags, clocks, iPhone cases, mugs, clothes, canvas, fine art prints and many items. They are a popular and respected facility.