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Home of the Lost & Foundlings ~ An eclectic mix of antique, collectible, vintage & retro found objects and/or at times some bizarre oddities!

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[HERMAN MELVILLE (1819 - 1891)]

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What you currently view in my shop is a nano-fraction of the piles and boxes and crates and bags of "stuff" that I have gathered and accumulated over the years! So, come back often! If there is something you need or desire or covet that you don't see, just ask; I most likely have it.


************* Please read my policy page for the most current payment and shipping information *************

FOUNDLINGS' Shop Policies


Welcome to my eclectic mix of antique, vintage, retro, unique, unusual or sometimes bizarre foundlings! I am thrilled to share my finds and I am sincerely grateful and appreciative for each and every customer!


Update: March 1, 2012 For various reasons, I will no longer reserve currently listed items. All listings will now revert back to a first come first serve basis.

I accept payment via PayPal and Direct Checkout via Etsy.

In order for both the buyer and seller to be protected under Paypal policies, I must abide by the shipping policies of Paypal. Paypal policy states that a seller must ship to the address that is on the Paypal payment receipt. If your address in Paypal does not match your address in Etsy, please update your Paypal address before making purchases.

If you do not update your Paypal address prior to making a purchase and the package is returned to me as undeliverable, I can not be expected to re-mail a package at my own expense. If a package has been returned to me as undeliverable then additional shipping fees will be required in order for me to re-mail the package.

I gladly combine shipping on multiple items and have set my shipping fees to reflect combined packaging.

It is not normal procedure, nor Etsy policy, for a seller to generate an invoice via Paypal. However, if you should encounter problems with the shopping cart, are not taken directly to Paypal via the shopping cart or encounter other payment issues via the shopping cart, please contact me on the same day as the payment is due and I will gladly generate an invoice via Paypal.


My shipping policies are very simple: once items are paid, I will mail them ASAP!

In general, all packages will be mailed within 2-4 business days depending on the day of the week of the purchase. The exceptions are of course weekends and holidays. All packages are mailed with a postal delivery confirmation number.

My husband believes that I am "OCD" but I feel that once someone else's money has reached my hands, it is my responsibility to get the packages in the capable hands of the postal service ASAP!

You will not have to wonder if I received your payment and you will not have to wonder what is happening with your purchase. Once I receive verification from PayPal that a transaction has been completed, I will contact you with a payment received confirmation note. Once your package has been mailed, I will mark it as “sent” in the your “Purchases” section of Etsy so that you know your items are on the way.

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All domestic packages will mail with a delivery confirmation. I automatically insure packages with a value of $50.00 or greater. Insurance on packages of a value less than $50.00 is optional and at the buyers expense. I've never had a package lost and I've never had a package damaged in transit but if you are concerned about the capabilities of the USPS, please purchase insurance for your packages with a value less than $50.00. If you would like your package insured, pleased let me know and I will send you an invoice via PayPal to cover the insurance cost. I cannot be responsible for items/packages lost, damaged or stolen once they leave my hands.


The United States Postal System significantly increased the cost of shipping packages internationally at the beginning of 2013. This substantial increase has limited the ability for sellers in the United States to offer reasonable shipping rates to international destinations.

I will most gladly ship to most international destinations whenever possible. If you are outside the United States and you are interested in purchasing from my shop, please contact me for a shipping quote.

***** PLEASE NOTE *****

Current International shipping quotes will be offered via First Class Mail via the USPS. First Class Mail DOES NOT offer tracking service and the packages would not be insured at this level.

If you would prefer that your International package is insured with tracking capabilities there would be additional shipping fees to upgrade the First Class shipping quotes to Registered Mail shipping quotes. Please let me know if you would prefer to upgrade your shipping method to the insured and trackable Registered Mail method and I will include that upgrade in my shipping quotes to any international destinations.

Due to the fact that International packages are not trackable or insured at the current First Class shipping level, I cannot be responsible for items/packages lost, damaged or stolen once they leave my hands.


PLEASE NOTE: International shipping fees do not cover and do not include any additional fees that may be imposed by your country as import fees. Import fees may include but are not limited to additional taxes, tariffs, customs duties etc.

The shipping fees listed for International destinations are my sole costs incurred for mailing a package via the United State Postal System to International destinations and those fees do not cover any additional import fees that might be imposed by your country.

Any additional fees imposed by your country as import fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer. I am not able to quote the costs of any additional import fees that might be imposed by your country as each countries import fees will vary per country.

Refunds and Exchanges

I describe my items with as much detail as possible. If you feel that something is not clear, please do not hesitate to make inquiries if you have additional questions about an item. Due to the vintage/antique nature of all of my items I am not able to accept returns or exchanges, therefore all sales are final.

Please read the descriptions and view the pictures carefully before making a purchase as all items are purchased as pictured and/or described and represented "as is".

Additional Policies and FAQs

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My items are vintage, antique or some combination of the two. They will show the normal patina and wear of age that would be expected from a piece of history. These goodies come from many sources: antique shops, flea markets, estate sales, garage sales, etc. and sometimes from the side of the road.

In general, I don't know the history of where an item has been stored or the environmental condition that each piece has encountered or the road that they have traveled before they reach my hands. These things are old and for the most part they are exactly as I find them. Other than general surface dirt, I do not clean anything unless otherwise noted in the specific listing. If you have allergies to environmental conditions such as dust, rust, paint, dirt, smoke and who knows what else and etc. please consider your own personal tolerance before making a purchase.

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Last Updated October 25, 2014