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Atama Dindyal
Mommy ~ N ~ Me Boutique
You can almost touch it, feel it, taste it, and see it. It is a beautiful thing. Your handiwork?

**** New to Glow?****
Glow in the dark is the New Concept for jewelry, I make my own Glow Jewelry with my own Technique that are all Non-Toxic an Jewelry grade. My Glow Jewelry will last for Years to come and generation to share. I take pride and joy in all my design Creations. I try to stand out with my Glow Jewelry and use Materials and things hard to find. All My glow hare UNLIMITED RECHARGE CAPABILITIES AND WILL LAST FOR 10 OR SO YEARS. AND KEEP RECHARGING. THERE IS NOT A CHARGE LIFE TO THE GLOW. BUT THEIR IS A ACTIVE LIFE AND THAT IS 10 YRS TO EXPIRATION. After that time is reaches it will still be a beautiful piece of jewelry just with out the charge.

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Inspires by my Children and the love for Fair's and Folk stories ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE ASK ME!

These Necklace are so Lovely, and Glows so bright in the dark or a dim Room.
All it needs is a Little Charge from the Sun Light or a Bright WHITE Light.
It will recharge for years to come-- and you will keep enjoying the FUn and enchantment

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Green Glow ::::::::::
Glows Vibrant Green and accented with a Gorgeous Forest Leaf and Twilight Fairy on the Bottom

This necklace will charge right up with just a little sun light or a bright light and will glow for hours.

My glow last for 10 years - and will recharge unlimited times

Its made safe for all ages

My glow jewelry are all one or a kind design in diffident pattern all my swirl combination are unique in style. Please remember that i am a Hardworking "Designer" That is Honest in my own creations.. I get Inspiration from many sources and then develop my Won AUTHENTIC & ORGANIC COLLECTION which features only Copyright designs.. Each collection is a series of my Original work. ***It is not work Stolen, copied, changed, or Altered by any other honest hardworking designer*** I pay to copyright my design to prevent Dishonest people from steeling my work. Each collection is unique. Copyright© 2005-2015 By Atama Dindyal.

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