Fairydustimages' Shop Announcement

Welcome to the Etsy shop of fairy and fantasy artist Charity Dauenhauer. As you enter, you will find yourself in a world of make believe, where all of the fantasy creatures come to life through the magic of a paint brush and the mind of an artist.

When you buy from here or my website, you are buying directly from me, the artist. Most of my artwork is done with watercolor and touches of gouache . I really hope that you enjoy my paintings as much as I enjoyed painting them. Please feel free to enter into my world of fantasy art and stay for a while. My fairies have been waiting for you. :)

You may also visit my official website at to see more of my artwork and gift collection!

*Copyright Information:

All images and other content Copyright ©2009 - 2014 by Fairydust Images and Charity Dauenhauer. All rights reserved solely by the artist. All publishing and reproduction rights are only reserved by the artist. The purchaser is not buying the rights to reproduce, copy or redistributed in any shape or form. Thank you!