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For the Love of Old Dishes

Fanciful Tables started as a search for unique dinnerware for a family wedding. Wanting the dining experience to be beautiful and distinctive, the bride sought an assortment of complimentary antique dishes for her dream wedding. It was soon discovered there was no source for the one-of-a-kind display she desired. So began the painstaking process of collecting the perfect combination of vintage and antique unique dishes. The results were stunning and exceeded her expectations.

But a small situation resulted from the wondrous event. What to do with 250 place settings? The only option seemed to be starting a little business. Surely others would love using perfectly unmatched china as part of their dining experience. So Fanciful Tableware was created. And, what a joyful experience it has been.
Cheryl Hofweber
Owner, Designer
I am a lover of all things old! Many days are spent wandering through resale and antique shops.
I work on the North Slope of Alaska and am lucky enough to split my time between the shores of the Arctic Ocean and the shores of Lake Michigan.