FancyPantsbyEsther's Shop Announcement

My name is Esther. I'm a young adult, and I'm here to share my creative works. I love to make things with my hands. I seem to always want to learn a new trick or a new medium. As of right now, I dabble in ceramic pottery, I am learning crocheting and trying to brush up on knitting. I embroider like a mad person sometimes, mostly because it's fun and makes for totally personal flares of style. And of course, I make dollhouse miniatures. Within that category, I focus on making dollhouse miniature food, trying to make it as life-like as possible. It's oh, so terribly fun and challenging! I get great enjoyment out of my handiwork, and I hope that everyone who sees my work does too!

I am trying to earn supplemental income to further my personal education and life goals. So know that every bit helps, and it is all for a great cause!

Each item I post is made by ME; completely hand-crafted, no moulds or pre-made pieces. No second or third parties. I make them in my home, and sell them here. Each piece is unique and delicate and detailed. I make pieces as life-like as I am able.

I am willing to take requests, and I relish feedback, communication, and suggestions! I would be very interested in hearing what you would like to share!
Come look around, and tell all your friends!
Thank you for your time and visit!