FannyJackSoaps' Shop Announcement


Here you will find handmade Soaps and bath an body products. My products are made with lots of skin loving ingredients and Love! My goal is to provide you with truly pampering goodies that will soothe your senses and your skin! With the addition of goat and coconut milk and whole fat natural yogurt it brings a whole new level of goodness!
So come on in take a look around, and go ahead - indulge yourself in the royal treatment!

**********************************SHIPPING CHANGES**********************************
I chose to use USPS for shipping my products because they seem to have the best pricing on flat rate delivery's! So what that means to you is that I will do my best to get as much products in to a flat rate envelope as possible ( which is only $6.10 US), so that you may save $$$ on getting my products! So anything that you paid over a $1.00 will be REFUNDED TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! EXCEPT if your order is larger than the space in the flat rate envelope then we will have to use the flat rate medium box and that is $12.65 US to ship! Of course if you just want one item them I will get the best rate for you as possible!

I am currently in the process of making a soap dedicated to children who have Autism. Being a parent of a child who has a form of autism called Asperger! I know the struggles they go through to be understood! All monies made from the sales of these soaps will be donated to a local organization Called EPU (Exceptional Parents Unlimited) who give free help to parents who have children who have been determined to be autistic!
They helped me to understand my child need and what I should expect from his school! So please help support autism!

I have some new scents coming out soon! So keep
coming back and see what we have to offer!

**************************NEW!!!! COMING SOON!!*************************************
Natural Soaps
I have been working on some new soaps that are as natural as I can make! They have no fragrance and color! They are made using the pulp of fruits and veggies and all natural yogurt and coconut milk!

******************SCENT DESCRIPTIONS**********************************************

Midnite Pomegranate- Juicy red pomegranates sparkle like rubies in moonlight. Enticing with top notes of pomegranate, sparkling citrus, dewberry, anise, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Fiery with blackberry, iris, jasmine, and raspberry. Very seductive with its bottom notes of musk, sandalwood, vanilla, tobacco, patchouli

Oatmeal Milk N Honey – no addition scent added. Its just the scent of fresh honey and ground oatmeal.

sweet Orange Crush is a dupe and is the sassy, saucy combination of Valencia Orange, Sparkling Bergamot, Tangerine Zest, Tart Cassis, Orange Juice, Neroli, Ground Pepper, Fiery Chili Pepper, and Sheer Musk! This fragrance was that companies top seller

Lil Blue Girl-This scent has a jasmine bouquet enhanced by gardenia blossoms and red cedar on a strong dry-down of sweet musks. It kind of reminds of Blue by Ralph L! I love this one!

Pink Peppered Sugar-A house blend of cotton candy, lemon drops, caramel and raspberry jam, with an undertone blend of spices with a platform of woods and musk. Makes this a wonderful exotic scent!

Pink Princess-This fragrance is for flirtatious women, who enjoy adventure and excitement. The whimsical blend of water lily, lady apple, mandarin meringue, golden apricot skin, ripe pink guava, Tahitian flower, wild tuberose, dark chocolate, pink frosting accord, precious amber, forbidden woods, royal musk, and chiffon vanilla

Rock n The Stars- It smell so close to the real thing! It fun, funky, sweet and fruity with a hint of fizzyness! Lush Dupe

Lime Goodness_ O my Goodness! This smell just like fun, yummy lifesavers lime cherry candies!