FantasyEarcuffs' Shop Announcement

ALL SALES ARE FINAL! Sold in pairs, one for each ear!

ALL DESIGNS ARE AVAILABLE IN GOLD-TONE (gold-colored copper), SOLID STERLING SILVER (NOT coated or filled), COPPER, or KARAT GOLD (UPON REQUEST, minimum of $100 down-payment, special rules apply, inquire if interested). If you see a design and it's not available in the metal-type you would prefer, JUST ASK! i also take CUSTOM ORDERS!!!

PLEASE NOTE: these are Hand-Made, therefore each set is different, unique, and one-of-a-kind!! i make them match my prototypes in the pictures as best as i can or better. Pictures of sold items can be presented upon request for comparison. :)


Hey Everyone! Mandy here! I'm a stay-at-home mom of a 5-year-old daughter and 9-month-old son! Therefore, i'm a family-woman as well as a jewelry-maker, so please excuse me if it takes a little while to get to your order! Family comes first, of course!

i keep delays to a minimum and can usually ship within a day or two after completion of the earcuff set. if you live in the USA, it normally takes about 2-6 weeks for your order to arrive in your mailbox, unless a delay occurs. Delays could add an additional week to delivery time, and customers will be notified. EVERY customer will receive a Tracking Number for their order once it has been shipped. once shipped, delivery usually takes 2-7 days in the USA, 7-14 outside of the USA. if you have any questions, or need an order rushed in order to arrive by a certain date, send me a message and let me know!

please feel free to leave any questions or suggestions, or private message me if needed!

TO FELLOW WIRE-WORKERS/JEWELRY MAKERS: DO NOT DIRECTLY COPY MY DESIGNS! i DO NOT give permission to ANYONE to use or copy my designs, nor take credit for any of my work, without prior permission from myself! i don't have any problem with anyone ~changing~ these designs for their own use, or for commercial sale, i just ask that you keep it different enough to keep away from confusion and competition. we're all trying to live through our art and ENJOY it, let's not make it a fight! i respect those before me, who inspired me, i ask that those after me show the same respect!

A LITTLE ABOUT ME: i am not an amateur jewelry-maker, nor am i by any means a pro! i did take 2 semesters of Jewelry Making in college, and started designing and creating Earcuffs when i was about 14 (i am now 30). i've been making jewelry my whole life (though i used to concentrate on bead-work), and am excited that my hobby might help contribute to the household funds! above all, i'm proud to know that others appreciate my art, and am looking forward to creating more designs and prototypes!

***I do not give permission to in anyway to directly reproduce or take credit for my work!***

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for Updates, Previews, Sales & Discounts, GIVEAWAYS, and MORE!!!!

Much Love, Luck, and Peace to ALL!! ENJOY!!!
~Mandy Roncalio-Meyer